Baked Indian Spice Chickpeas

Here is one of my favorite chickpea recipes. These are great for a quick snack idea or as a finger food for a social gathering. They are flavorful and very simple to make. If curry isn’t your thing, why not try another seasoning, such as honey and cinnamon, jerk spice, or keep it simple by just tossing in sea salt.Tips:...more

Gluten Free Apple Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Preparing  gluten free menus that are different and flavorful enough to keep the family interested is a bit daunting. Here's a new Chicken Recipe for the Gluten Free Dieter that is guaranteed to make everyone happy. And it's as easy as can be!  Apple-stuffed Chicken Breasts!  Come on over to ...more

Oven Raosted Carrots 100% Vegan

52 days until baby is due! ...more

Jalapeno Havarti Stuffed Chicken Breast

Jalapeno Havarti Stuffed Chicken Breast with Summer Berry Salad Cheese is one of my favorite things on the planet. It can totally change a meal from blase to amazing! I wanted healthy crsipy chicken. As I was reaching in the refrigerator to grab the chicken breast, I saw my Havarti cheese just waiting to be devoured!Ingredients:...more

Sothwestern Stuffed Green Peppers

Southwestern Green Peppers I had these awesome organic green peppers that I needed to use, and something about stuffed green peppers makes me happy! Amelia was not having it. Peppers are not her fav, unless they're chopped and on a pizza....more

Easy, Healthy, stuffed Peppers

Here is a delicious healthy recipe that I love Ingredients: 1 package lean ground turkey1 cup brown rice1 yellow, green, and red pepper (they have a package that has all 3 ) 1/2 onion1 tablespoon of basil1 tablespoon of parsley 1 teaspoon sea salt Directions: Preheat the oven to 350Cook the brown rice as instructed on the box. ...more

Kiddie Fruit Vanilla Stick

Roasted Peaches with Greek Yogurt

I got the idea for this recipe from the cookbook I shared with you a few weeks ago, Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights. I really can't say enough good things about this delightfully sweet and refreshing breakfast....more

Ahi Tuna Salad with Creamy Basil Lime Dressing

Last week Jason and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary. We went out for a nice dinner last weekend where we celebrated with good food and drinks. It was also our first night out by ourselves since Scottie was born so I was slightly giddy with excitement to get out of yoga pants and dress up a bit for my groom. Even though we technically celebrated the weekend prior when Tuesday arrived I still wanted to acknowledge our anniversary with a nice dinner at home....more

Blueberry Buttermilk Bread

This blueberry buttermilk bread has a golden brown crust and is absolutely bursting with fresh and flavorful berries. It basically tastes like a blueberry muffin in bread form, and we know how much I love blueberry muffins. Of course you can substitute frozen berries for fresh but this is a good way to use up all those fresh berries we find ourselves stocking up on during the summer....more