Pesto Fries

I remember the first time I had Garlic Fries. I trudged all the way around Qualcomm Stadium asking everyone I saw with them where to find them. Then all the way back to my seat. But, oh my! was it worth it. It almost made up for the Chargers beating my Niners that day. Almost.But, do you know what is even better than Garlic Fries?...more

Candied Yams

A rustic, simple, flavorful side dish, to compliment an otherwise savory Thanksgiving spread.

Easy Buttered Potatoes


Since it is tomato season I thought I'd share one of my favorite recipes....more

Roasted beet and fennel salad

The idea for this came from French Food at Home with Laura Calder. I don't actually remember if she used beets in her recipe but I needed to use mine up so here they are.Most of the ingredients for this also came from my Farmer's market visit.And except for getting the beets in the oven and roasting the fennel there is almost no cooking. Perfect since it's been so hot here in Sacramento (until today anyway)...more

Garlic Toast Salad With Sun Dried Tomatoes

Have you ever had bread salad?No? Why not?I bet you think it’s just a pile of soggy bread, right?Until last month I was totally one of those why-would-I-eat-a-pile-of-soggy-bread people.Was I ever wrong. Well, not about the soggy bread. The bread is soggy. But I was wrong to think that soggy bread is a bad thing. Turns out soggy bread is a very very good thing....more
I swear my stomach growled when I looked at that photo. And ok, I am very late for lunch but ...more

Homemade Cooking Cream

I *love* having really versatile items in my fridge. Give me a tomato, a red onion and some cheddar cheese; I’ll give you one hundred dinner ideas (other ingredients required, of course!).That’s why I adore this recipe. I call it Homemade Cooking Cream because it can be used in all the ways you might use Philly Cooking Cream. But, you don’t have to buy an extra product AND you can season it up any way you like....more