Involving your families in the Eat Local Challenge

This week, the Eat Local Challenge asks participants to look at how to expand the challenge to families....more

Taking stock of the Eat Local Challenge

Although there are already five days under October’s belt, it’s not too late to consider taking part, in small or large ways, in this month’s Eat Local Challenge....more

Unplanned Cooking, I often hear that some locally-made products are more expensive (and, ...more

The Hottest Trend for Thanksgiving: Eating Local

American Thanksgiving. I love it! When I was a very broke youngster it made me happy that people were cooking for me, and also that there was no gift-giving. I didn’t have to watch my mom try to hide her cringing as she opened one of my ceramic "artworks." Mom: Is this a hippo...or an ashtray? Me: It’s a bouquet of flowers! Mom: Oh. I love it. ...more

Earing local sounds good. I am not going to cook the turkey though. It is a lot of work. So ...more

Not Just Eating Local, but Preserving the Harvest!

Blogher Contributing Editor Green LA Girl recently reminded us that the Eat Local Challenge this year is focused on preserving the bounty of September for coming months. Her post shared some creative ways to participate in eating local, and really got me thinking about the many food bloggers I'd noticed posting about freezing, canning, or making sauce from seasonal fruits and vegetables. Whether or not they were specifically calling their efforts part of the Eat Local Challenge, it's clear preserving fresh summer flavors is something a lot of good cooks are very anxious to do. ...more

I was so excited to see all the wonderful links! I have been canning for years, first with my ...more