Is it worth it to buy Organic?

Is it worth it to buy organic? According to the Environmental Working Group, pesticide exposure can be eliminated by 80% just from avoiding the most contaminated produce. They cite the Big 12 most important fruits and veggies worth buying organic:...more

How to Make Ketchup

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your ketchup bottle? It's not pretty. Even the organic brands have hidden "natural flavors" in there to mimic major brands. It's a shame, because you really only need a handful of ingredients to make ketchup taste like the ketchup we grew up with: tomato paste, salt, sugar, vinegar, and if you're daring, a little garlic. That's it. ...more

This brought back memories of my grandma's home canned chili sauce, which we used for ketchup ...more

Save The Planet, Eat Organic

So, I was talking with a friend the other day who was appalled at the cost of organic food. With this frustration, she was having trouble remembering the reasons why she buys organic food. This frustration is completely understandable. The cost can be ridiculous and the mark-up can be outrageous. Her other concern was how organic food is out of reach for some families who just can’t afford it because they can barely pay to keep shelter over their heads. Without a doubt, this is unfair. ...more

I love the idea of people learning to grow their own food. That is such a great suggestion! ...more