Things To Avoid Saying To People With Mental Health Problems

Recovery from a mental health condition is a complex and difficult journey that can be a full time endeavour. It's not a a linear process; but full of blips and struggles as well as triumph and success. Recovery can be hard enough without unhelpful (even if well meaning) comments or conversations. Here is a collection of the types of things people in recovery wish you wouldn't say to them! This list was compiled initially thinking about recovery from an eating disorder, but a lot of the comments apply to other conditions as well....more

I Got Naked for the Camera Because Fat Bodies Need to Be Seen

I will show you my body so that you might see a body that looks like yours.On a down comforter-covered king-size bed, in a Courtyard by Marriott hotel, I got naked for Substantia Jones and the Adipositivity Project.I don't mean that I took off my pants or my shirt. I mean that I took off my clothes, all of them, even the ones underneath. Just me, my bare-naked ass, Substantia and her camera (and my daughter, Kelsey, to tell me I'm a badass)....more
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What It REALLY Felt Like To Reach My "Goal Weight"

My goal body felt awful. It felt like a trap. I was shackled to this idea that it just wasn’t ‘there’ yet.I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. Twisting, turning, and examining what was reflected back at me....more

That Time My Eating Disorder Broke My Leg

CW: This essay offers an in-depth look at my eating disorder. Please keep your own recovery and/or sensitivities in mind. Suffering is revered. Pain is praised. The more you endure, the more you are.I broke my leg the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once.I was running when it broke (or, more aptly, when I broke it).I didn’t fall. Nothing fell on me — it just broke....more

I'm Trying Not To Pass On A Legacy Of Eating Disorders To My Daughter

 I struggle to recall how it all began, like unraveling fleeting clips on an old movie reel, none of which I can quite splice back together. Where, when, how, why?  So many variables, all masked by the murky hands of time, making it nearly impossible for me to pinpoint. Maybe it started in 7th grade English class, that day I wore those brand new Levi’s to school and Mike Thomas hissed at me in front of the entire class, “I didn’t know they made 501’s that big!”...more


With the new year having arrived, I am hearing a lot of chatter about contentment. Hannah Brencher is probably one of the first I was aware of. Hannah is amazing. She was depressed, and wrote love letters to strangers to help quell her homesickness. She puts together lovely bundles of letters for people who need them. And apparently, she is addicted to Target, like me. It seems like every year, things keep popping up that we humans need....more

Holidays with an Eating Disorder

For many years, there has been an uninvited guest at the holiday table. He is rude, selfish, awkward and annoying. No one knows how to approach him about leaving though. They feel that if they are too obvious or pushy, he will be offended, or maybe cause a scene. This guest is named Ed. He usually dresses the part of a polite guest, and for the first while when he walks through the door, he is on his best behavior. Once he sits down at the dinner table though, he is a force to be reckoned with. He pokes at his food, barely takes a bite....more
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Kids with ADHD more likely to have certain eating disorder

It's called "loss of control eating syndrome" (LOC-ES) and it's similar to binge eating. The condition appears to be linked to ADHD and they share a biological mechanism.Although kids who take stimulant meds for ADHD tend to lose weight, experts say there's a strong association between ADHD and obesity (and being overweight). Why?One theory is that the impulsivity that is usually found in ADHD is the same cause of the loss of control over eating....more

Will I Ever Be "Normal"?

Welcome to day 1 of National Blog Posting Month!  Today I am posting something I wrote earlier this week.  Not to worry, I will be writing new stuff on here and as always at my main blog, Not A Punk Rocker for every day in November   I plan to make some things exclusive to BlogHer as well....more