The Year That Changed Me

So there you go that’s me…I am not perfect (in fact I am as far from perfect as they come…I am actually quite a mess ), I need grace always (sometimes I wonder how He puts up with me, but he ALWAYS does and ALWAYS will), and I am on a journey ( a roller-coaster of a journey)…a journey to a life without ED. So if you are like me or you know somebody like me, join me on this journey (but before you do buckle up. ...more

Rehab Day One

    Kelly is attending her second day of Intensive Outpatient Therapy at Shands Vista's Eating Disorder Recovery Program located in Gainesville, Florida.  It was a 90 minute drive from school today.  I am sitting in the library of the Santa Fe College located right across the street....more

Anxiety-Free Thanksgiving Tips for Eating Disorder Recovery

In the spirit of the holiday, I wanted to share a few of my tips for making your Thanksgiving as happy and healthy as possible:1. Make a thankful listThis tip shouldn’t be too big of a surprise, given that it’s Thanksgiving! Write down each and every single thing in your life that you’re thankful for. Keep it in your pocket and take a look at it whenever you start to feel overwhelmed throughout the day.2. Plan some healthy activity...more

Goodbye, Ana... (Anorexia & Recovery)

Dear Ana, Hello, old friend. I realize it's been awhile since we were last on friendly terms, if you could even call it that back then. You may not even remember who I am, what with the ever-growing number of "followers" you seem to have. You always were a very compelling sort. I admit that, even now, there are days when I have to battle with myself; remind myself who and what you truly are. Days when I have to keep myself guarded so that I don't go back to you like I have so many times in the past. ...more

Wow. Reading about someone's struggle with an eating disorder is hard. But the courage it took ...more

NEDAwareness Week: My own saga

The theme for this year's Eating Disorder's Awareness week is, "It's time to talk about it." If you've been reading for a while you probably remember me telling about my own experience with an eating...more

Being Open and Willing

I have been working hard to remain open to recovery. I realized I was becoming less adverse to certain items/options in my meal plan and LESS open to changing negative beliefs about myself. I am realizing that I have held onto my core belief that I am bad, unworthy and undeserving and everything I embark upon or try for in life, I will ALWAYS fall short due to my defective nature. So why try? I see now (mind you, I do NOT feel this!) that this keeps me stuck, but it also protects me from disappointment....more