honey, i shrunk myself

I want to taste and glory in each day, and never be afraid to experience pain; And never shut myself up in a numb core of non-feeling, or stop questioning and criticizing life and take the easy way out....more


Dear Woman Sitting at the Table Next to Me,I know you're bulimic. I know you're currently hoarding food so that, in a minute, you can politely excuse yourself and go throw it up in the bathroom. I know that, while you're in the bathroom, you're going to shove your fingers down your throat, hoping to purge the two bowls of soup, three slices of bread, order of pasta, and chocolate milkshake that you just consumed....more

Inner Voices

You know that feeling…in the back of your throat?  When you have a horrendous case of motion sickness, morning sickness, stomach flu, whichever?   That feeling that tells you “if you open your mouth you WILL in fact lose your shit.”  It’s the kind of feeling that can keep one quiet for hours on end simply for fear of what may physically result from attempting a conversation.  Still holding on to the hope…that if you attempt to delay the inevitable, that exhausting nauseating feeling will dissipate?  ...more

Extreme Measures to Look Skinny on Your Wedding Day

This past weekend a story appeared in the New York Times about women going to great lengths to lose weight for their wedding day. Women are walking around town with nasogastric tubes, doing colonic cleanses and getting daily injections of hormones, all in an effort to slim down and look their best as they walk down the aisle....more
 @FatCat I knew you would weigh in FatCat!!!! A woman of subtance:-)more

Have you met your mark??

Today I am having a fat day. I am bloated and puffy. I have PMS. I have a pimple. I am overly reactive and emotional. When I looked in the mirror this morning, I was all stomach and thighs, and my arms jiggled like Jell-O in my sleeveless shirt. I tried to pull on my most form-fitting jeans, but it felt like the waistband was pushing against my belly causing flesh to form a roll over the top so I opted instead for shorts with an elastic waist. I went for a walk in the sun to clear my head. I have had these thoughts before....more

Binge Eating Goes Beyond that Extra Slice of Pie

Some women harbor a secret eating behavior so out of control and humiliating they suffer in silence. If only they knew that binge eating wasn’t lack of willpower, but a real psychiatric condition....more

Tumblr Takes Stand Against Eating Disorder Blogs

Easy to use and completely customizable, the platform is hugely popular with teens and 20-somethings, which has raised some questions about the content Tumblr allows users to post. Five years after its launch and facing an explosion of blogs that glamorize harmful behaviors such as eating disorders and self-injury, Tumblr has finally decided to modify its anti-censorship position and take a stand against self-harm. ...more
this is great! as someone who struggled with bulimia for 7 years and still continues to struggle ...more

Does Your Child Have an Eating Disorder?

Eating disorders affect five to ten million young and adult women and one million men in the U.S. What is a parent to do when we suspect our child may be exhibiting symptoms of disordered eating? Come to think of it -- what are symptoms of disordered eating? To answer these questions, I called up Liza Feilner, a licensed professional counselor and senior therapist at the Eating Recovery Center's Child and Adolescent Behavioral Hospital. ...more
Boy did I do ALL of these and then some!!!! what a sad, lonely, horrible existence I had as a ...more

The Scary Side of Exercise and Eating "Right"

Check out my blog for more of my thoughts, finding, giveaways, and (less somber) stuff than the below!...more

Confessions of a Failed Anorexic

After nearly three years of work, my novel, Confessions of a Failed Anorexic is finally available! Here is the description as it reads on Amazon:...more