Dear Barbie

Dear Barbie,Now that I am an adult, there are a few things I think you should know.I always wanted to be like you. You had the perfect body, bright eyes, shiny hair, and millions of admirers. I thought you were what it meant to be a woman....more

I was fascinated by Barbie growing up. My mother banned Barbie in the house b/c of the very ...more

Stupid Gerber Baby

It’s always that same face. Those enormous puppy dog eyes, perfectly puckered lips and the most obnoxious manipulated wisp of fuzz on top of its head—the face that is printed on the label of practically every bottle, jar and tube I’ve ever used. Everywhere I turn— there it is, a haunting reminder of everything I’m not....more

2011 Recovery Blog - The Start

I just binged on Brussels sprouts.  Yes, roasted Brussels sprouts.  Starting my first blog on recovering from an eating disorder and doing it while over full, and slightly ill, from Brussels sprouts.  Now normally in eating disorder recovery you don't mention food....more

Project positive what I like about me

I wasn’t sure what to write but in honor of project positive I wanted to come up with something. If you’ve read me before you know I’ve struggled with an eating disorder. This was not a happy time in my life and is still something I struggle with from time to time. It is hard for me to find things to like about myself but I know there is stuff I like about me. So here goes nothing. 1. My eyes: People always say I have bedroom eyes and long eyelashes and that my eyes are pretty 2. my smile: People say my smile can light up a room and my laugh is infectious...more

Thank you for the comment. Once I got started it wasn't that hard to find things I liked about ...more

Funny the way it is

Every morning, I wake up and think the same thing "I am so grateful for this day."  I realize this is a rather unsual thought for a 26 year old these days, but it is so very true.  I think of the life I had one year ago, and the life I have now, and I am in awe of life and the changes it can bring.I should back up; and tell you who I am and what I'm about....more

I don't think that it's a funny way to start the day at all. I think it's a great way and one ...more

Things You Admit at Work: I've Never Had a Big Mac

Or a Whopper. Or any burger bigger than a single patty at any fast food restaurant I can think of. There's a story behind it. ...more
I haven't had a Big Mac or a Whopper either... but I think that had more to do with the fact ...more

Help for young women who want to get SANE about food!

I'm happy to introduce, a site and organization for girls and young women who overeat or have weight issues, started by Sunny Sea Gold, the health articles editor at Glamour magazine (and former binge-eater). Get help, support, tips, and a little bit of food sanity, whether you have a problem with emotional eating, dieting, bingeing or are just confused about what Healthy Girls eat!...more

Loving Yourself: Why It's Harder Than it Sounds

Have you ever noticed how little children are so proud of themselves for doing the smallest of things? They can get extreme joy out of putting on their own clothes, feeding themselves, or taking a few steps. They are constantly celebrating themselves, and why wouldn’t they? Good parents realize the importance of building esteem in young children, so they readily praise them for their accomplishments, regardless of how small they may be. How many times a day does a parent praise a young child? ...more

Yes, Roselotus, I agree. Of course we want to look good on the outside. No harm in that, but ...more

How To Shatter Poor Body Image Through Awareness

It’s 7am. You sit blurry eyed on the edge of the bed clicking off your fog horn phone alarm. You stumble to the bathroom and flip the switch. Bam…there you are. Your reflection in the mirror. It begins…”wow look at those hair is horrendous…must stop using pore clogging moisturizer, look at this zit!…” Undressing to climb in the shower brings another slew of endless thoughts, “damn I need to hit the gym look at this cellulite…my butt is way too flat…” After a quick shower and more ruminating over what to wear…”cant wear those jeans because ...more

Eating Disorders At Midlife

As a specialist in women’s mental health, I am often asked, “does one ever recover from an eating disorder?”  ...more