"You gotta be loud, if you want their attention."...more


The sunset was pretty tonight.  It’s always pretty to me.  Halloween night, the sky was patterned with spotty white clouds, one perfectly like the next.  Tonight, there was a tinge of yellow and pink on the horizon.  Nothing spectacular, but enough to remind me of one of the perks of being alive....more

What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

"But you're so skinny..." It was just a casual comment, uttered without much thought, certainly not meant as criticism.  She probably doesn't even remember that she said it.  She certainly bubbled on to the next thought ever-so-quickly, the conversation heading in some random direction.  She was just surprised that I might want to pass on having a bite of cake. She likely doesn't realize that I've obsessed about it for days, turning it over and over and over in my head.  She doesn't realize that one off-hand comment would cause me to twist and turn in front of my bedroom mirror seeing things that I wish I didn't. ...more
newworldmoms an older and more plump version of my younger self #momof5more

The Narwhal Factor

You know the phenomenon.  It’s the thing that happens when you first learn about something or someone.  Perhaps it is a new word. Then over the next week or so EVERYWHERE you go...voila!  The word you just learned is in the crossword puzzle the next morning.  You are on the phone with a friend and they use the word in a sentence, you are eavesdropping on a conversation at the coffee shop and they are discussing the nuances of the word....more

What in the World is "Chitting?" Probably Not What You Think.

"So one of my friends does this thing..."I was at lunch with friends listening to a story from a long-time friend. When she continued, I did a mental double-take."Yeah, evidently she chews food up then spits it out.  She calls it 'chitting.'"...more

The Long and Winding Road

For as long as I can remember, I have been unhappy with my physical appearance. At just 11-12 years old I would not get in a bathing suit without wearing shorts and sometimes a t-shirt to cover it. I hated everything about the way that I looked and felt like the entire world saw me as I saw myself. I obsessed over the number on the scale and would tear myself apart if it went up a pound or two. I frequently looked at pictures of models and would cry myself to sleep when I realized that I would never look like them....more

Blog Inspiration

I’ve never blogged before and to be honest, I never really understood it or cared for it until today. Why is today different? Today happens to be a very boring day for me at work, our company has a big training event that everyone was invited to attend except for me (they needed someone to answer phones). With the phones only ringing once every hour and little work to do, I decided to read some fitness blogs written by women of all ages....more
What a great first post! I can't wait to see more posts! and I'm sure your story will inspire many!more

Et Tube, Brute? My response to the NY Times article "Hunger Games"

You may have read the article "Bridal Hunger Games" in the Fashion section of the April 13th New York Times about dieting trends amongst women who are trying to lose weight for their wedding....more

Parents: Here's What to Say and Do if You Think Your Child Has an Eating Disorder

Eating Disorders Can Be Fatal: Here's What Parents Should Say and Do If They Think Their Child Has an Eating Disorder College students have tremendous pressures on them these days. As parents and grandparents we read, hear and worry a lot about binge drinking and drug use on college campuses....more