Adopting Healthy Eating Habits

Eating healthy is critical whether your goal is weight loss, fitness or a healthier lifestyle in general. However, you don’t have to meticulously count calories or starve yourself to be healthy; rather, you need to provide your body with ample nourishment. While junk food and sugary treats might present challenges and temptations, adopting correct eating ideas and strategies will help make healthy eating a natural habit....more

sometimes eating healthy means a little more effort but its all worth it.more

A Month of Little Steps Adds Up to a Big Change

The point of this month-long project, of course, was to give a nod to how difficult it can be to make a change. It's easy to make resolutions -- we can all come up with things we'd love to do differently -- but most resolutions are unkeepable in their current, enormous form. Which is why it's frustrating when people give the unhelpful advice of "it's easy! Just do it." Obviously, if people could "just do it," health issues wouldn't exist. ...more

for this fabulous series. I've been following along and making mental notes. Great idea and ...more

Eat One Healthful Meal Each Week

Eat healthier. Well that sounds like a disastrous, unkeepable resolution if there ever was one. What does that even mean, eat healthier? What we eat is an amalgamation of our culture and time limitations and social obligations and preferences. We can always deny ourselves foods or force ourselves to eat a dish that doesn't really appeal at all, but changing what you crave is nearly impossible. ...more

This article is good for my health and my family. I try to eat daily time for a healthy food. ...more

Eating By the Decades: My Children

My three children were born to the same parents, live in the same house, eat the same food, but were born in different decades. Now why would I mention decades in relation to food? Well, my daughters were born in the 90s, while my son was born in 2003. My daughters are picky eaters, while their brother will eat anything. ...more

The Innocuous McNugget and Millions of Advertising Dollars

What started off as a quickie post about McNuggets has evolved into a monster! Posted by my partner-in-blogging, Suzanne, at DowntoEarthblog    ...more

Thanks for the link to a great post and clip.  I'm including them in tomorrow's "Weekly ...more