Ivar's of Seattle

I meant to make braised lamb shanks for dinner tonight.  I meant to blog about a dessert on here tonight.  Alas, circumstances changed and my agenda has changed.  We decided to go grab some fish n’ chips for dinner at a local place called Ivar’s.  People around here talk about it like it’s the best place ever to get batter fried seafood and chowder.  Since we love batter fried seafood ...more

Travel Itinerary to Better Health

It’s so easy to say that weight loss is futile when you travel.  With unhealthy airline food (when you can even get food), dining out for all your meals, conference luncheons of pasta and dessert that follow the morning bagel and sweet roll … no wonder you can get off the plane with an extra pound or two.  Add in years of travel and the pounds add up faster than your air miles do. ...more

The Tiffin

Last week on my personal blog I created a post that discussed plastic and alternatives to plastic.  I casually recommended that people use a tiffin box in place of styrofoam take out boxes or doggie bags when eating out.  Since then, I have been asked several times to talk about the tiffin boxes in more depth.  Hey, it pertains to food and eating, and doing our part to help the planet is everybody’s responsibility. ...more

Food: It's killing my budget (an open letter)

I should preface this missive to you by saying that this will not be an accusatory, woe is me, note. This also has nothing to do with our generally tumultuous relationship and the way that I come to you for comfort and you end up becoming my worst enemy. (P.S. My hips say 'Hi!'.) This is about why I'd rather have you prepared and plated beautifully by someone else rather than by someone else than taking the time and saving the money to do it myself. I mean really, a $12 salad tastes so much better than any salad I could whip up. And it looks so pretty, too. ...more

Eating By the Decades: My Children

My three children were born to the same parents, live in the same house, eat the same food, but were born in different decades. Now why would I mention decades in relation to food? Well, my daughters were born in the 90s, while my son was born in 2003. My daughters are picky eaters, while their brother will eat anything. ...more

13 healthy tips for Eating Out

Do you know that on average Americans eat out 4 nights per week? But, can you eat out and still eat healthy? Yes, you can and here are 13 ideas that you can use to eat out healthily: 1. Plan your day: If you know you’ll be going out, eat lighter through out your day. That way, you’ll have a few calories in reserve to spend for a fun evening out. ...more