Are Your Eyes Bigger Than Your Belly?

When I was a little girl I was lucky enough to live within walking distance of my grandparents, and I would visit them almost daily. I especially loved the barbeques in the summer. Grandpa would always buy watermelon and Grandma would make a pie. There were times when I would fill up my plate with the goodies but wouldn’t be able to eat it all and my Grandpa would ask, “Were your eyes bigger than your belly”? This term meant, you thought you could eat more than your belly could hold. As kids, we would seldom overeat....more

Healthy Choices . . . for a Dollar?!

In tough economic times, I thought I had found yet another reason my repeated attempts at losing weight would be dashed: eating healthy costs too much.  I had already canceled my gym membership, rationalizing that the twice a week I was using it "wouldn't help anyway" and that if I did want to exercise, a nice long walk is free.  Then on a bright, blustery Saturday morning I DID motivate myself to go for a walk ...more

Who Is To Blame For Childhood Obesity? Take A Poll.

Who is to blame for childhood obesity? There certainly seems to be a lot of blame to go around. Are the parents to blame? Katherine Berry from Pajamas Media wrote... ...more

... in making such a reasonable reply to my rant.  Thank you for that. 

I did ...more

A Healthy Heart

I sat down to write about heart health while chomping on a chocolate chip cookie. It may seem like an asynchronous activity--butter consumption and heart health--but I think the two actually go hand-in-hand. Eating healthy is not about denying your heart everything it wants. It's about striking a balance as a family between nurturing both the physical attributes of the heart along with its very loud emotional side. ...more

Nice post.  I wholeheartedly agree!more

Fear and Self-loathing in SpringVegas.

THIS is what is sitting in my 'fridge, for my lunch today. Pretty hot, hey?? Pretty sexy?? Pretty me.. you know, the whole fresh/local/SOLE/Asian with a twist thing that pg does so well. Yup. It's perfect, and given that Furry and I are trying to lose weight, perfect on the fat/lo cal front too. ...more

Do You Hate or Love Your Body? Is It Possible To Love Yourself Healthy?

A long time ago I read a book called Love Yourself Thin. The idea of the book was that if you love and appreciate your body, choosing to feed it healthy foods would come naturally. It also emphasized the importance of loving our bodies just the way they are...even suggesting you stand naked in front of a mirror and replace negative self talk with positive self talk. ...more
Thanks for sharing the tips. You have mentioned good point ‘love your body’ I am a Optometrist & ...more

Betraying my body?

So...I was in the drugstore the other day and even though I've always scoffed at the ads in many of our women's health magazines as fake, I bought them. Those "diet" pills that claim will help you lose weight faster. I don't know if they'll work, but it was an impulse buy that I have to try. They're the Nano-slim ones thingamagigs that maybe will work, maybe won't. ...more

Life after binge: A new day is at hand

Did you binge, fall of the wagon, go off program, or go over your calories last night.  It is not the end of the world and I wanted to talk about the most important aspect of moving on.  As you all know, my internal struggle last night to just eat everything in sight was short lived and I survived without doing it.  We/I don't always make it through though.  Sometimes we give in and have a blow out.  This is what I call it for the ultra marathons.  The videos I posted, those were videos of a blow up.  To make it through a day or a race without a blow up is the goal, but we don't always ...more

Look Out for Hidden Sugars!

I was on a grocery store tour with my husband the other day, as he explained the “do’s and don’ts” of shopping for food.  We were on the subject of sweeteners, and were hence looking at honey and agave nectar.  One of his clients mentioned that agave nectar isn’t very sweet, so you usually need a lot to make a difference. ...more

The Tao of Healthy Living and Weight Loss

A few weeks ago I was flipping through the million channels on my TV trying to find just one thing worth watching (which isn't an easy task). Luckily I found Dr. Wayne Dyer on PBS. ...more

Very interesting and perceptive interpretation.  Thank you for sharing.more