No Kids Allowed

  It seems like this keeps coming up....more

Eating Alone When Traveling For Business

I have been really lucky this week while working in Flushing, New York. The engineers and operators that I have been working with have taken me out to breakfast and lunch every day. Normally when I'm traveling for work, I spend a lot of time eating alone. This is something that I have really had accept to get myself out of the hotel, to stop ordering room service and to do comfortably. ...more

London Eats - St John Restaurant


Child Free Flights and Restaurants

Even as a single woman, I’ve never had much of a problem with children on airplanes. I have, however, seen a man so drunk he vomited all over his seat (and the one in front of him) and listened to him insult the staff around him with slurred speech. He was handcuffed to the seat behind us and we had to put up with that smell for the remaining four hours of the flight....more
I sat on a plane from Italy to Virginia with a screaming toddler. He wasn't screaming because he ...more

I've been working harder than Ron Jeremy's thingy-ma-bob

Blimey, the last three days have been a bloody whirlwind, so sorry if I haven't been over to visit your blog. I've been busier than one of Paris Hilton's condoms.  You know that I put my London house on the market on Thursday? Well, by Friday afternoon I had two viewings arranged for Saturday morning; one at 10am and a second at 11.15am. How cool, yet how inconvenient at the same time. ...more

Check Please

Ditch the Kids' Menu

When the babies first started eating real food, we were so excited about the kids' menus at restaurants.  Look at all these shiny options! And they come with a snack and drink? And they're only $4 to $7?  Sign us up!  We'll take the chicken nuggets, no, the hotdogs, no, wait, we'll take the macaroni and cheese.Our glee slowly faded, though, when we realized that the $7-dollar meal would never be eaten....more

Serve Families First

This is going to sound privileged and whiny, but hear me out. Parents with children should be served first.  I know it looks like I'm out for special treatment and think the world owes me because I chose to drag my brood into the restaurant, post office, wherever, but it's not just for my sake.  It's for your sake.  It's for the sake of the other patrons....more
I know this is an old post but - How horrible were your children?  I am offended not only as a ...more

Toddler Tricks - 28

Ways to Trick your Baby:Problem: You're out to eat and your children do not want to sit still. They're wriggling and whining and attempting to escape. Surely there are more interesting things in the restaurant that the silverware they can't touch and the sugar packets they got spoken to about ripping open.Solution: ...more