Gindered Beef and Peppers

Juicing Ahead: Soulful Sunday

Hi beauties! Happy Sunday. My weekend was packed full of pure love and I wanted to end it with a bang. Each Sunday my closest girlfriends come to my home and we have “Soulful Sunday”. We pick a recipe we’ve never made before (jarred salads etc.) and we also juice. We drink wine, dance around to oldschool hip-hop, discuss fun things we learned over the week, and laugh our asses off....more

Life After Weight-Loss Surgery: Are You Going To Eat That?

Isn’t it funny when people becomes experts in everything about your life when you make major changes? Of course, by “funny” I mean “as annoying as something could possibly be” because there is nothing remotely humorous about the ways in which people try to convince themselves and you that they know what’s best for you. “Concern trolling” is the phrase coined to describe when people give you unsolicited, often critical or snarky advice about what you should do “for your health” or whatever other benefit....more
I have lots of unhelpful advice about recovering from child sexual abuse. People want you to ...more

New Year's Resolutions vs. Real Transformation

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore....more

Mindful Eating: 5 Easy Tips To Get Started

Day 25:  I know that Thanksgiving is just three days away, but, this year I vowed to be a minimalist, eat healthier foods and practice mindfullness in every day life.  You know Feng Shui the gray matter and all that happy stuff.  Wait until Black Friday if you like.  I just wanted to share the love.  ...more