Selling my closet on the Internet

While other people call it decluttering I will admit I was a little greedy when I went and made an eBay account and tried to sell some stuff.I actually did do some good cleaning of my closet and for the most part I have not added to my closet aside from the free t shirt and a pair of work pants.I sold a great silk dress and a gold shimmer dress and a few pairs of pants.The items that have not sold are still up in my closet and I am still debating having the pants taken in and one suit tailored. ...more

Mark Your Calendar! #HumaneSociety

Mark Your Calendar! #HumaneSocietyIf you buy or sell on Ebay next week, you can help homeless animalsPlease check this out and help if you can.  ...more
That's great, thank you for the tip!more

How to Snag Frye Boots for a Steal

For years, I really wanted a pair of actual Frye boots (and not the knock off Frye lookalikes that Target was selling for a while), but the price kept scaring me away. I know the whole "get what you pay for" thing, but paying over $300 for a pair of shoes was just NOT in my budget. ...more
I love Frye boots, but yes very expensive, though there are some really good copies out there! ...more

Twitter: The Dark Side

Many people dream of becoming popular or famous, and Twitter provides an outlet to make this possible. Most Twitter users try the standard way to get popular and gain followers: constantly tweet funny quotes or comments, discuss breaking events, or disclose information that many people want.However, some Twitter users look for unusual ways to make themselves appear more desirable and become popular faster. One of these ways is buying Twitter followers, which right or wrong, is a significantly growing trend.A study from Barracudalabs ran in May 2012 identifies 3 categories:...more

5 Smart and Safe eBay Shopper Tips

Shopping is for people with time and money. When I am a consumer, it’s because I need something, and not necessarily the biggest or the best something. I need something practical, safe, and smart. eBay allows consumers to search for exactly what they need, and can be a great place to find hard-to-get items....more

My Most Popular Blog Post So Far

Way back when... when I still had a Myspace account that I checked daily, I typed up the following note.  When I decided that I wanted to blog, I moved all my notes from Myspace to my blog at  Now I am addicted to checking my stats.  I am so excited that people from all sorts of places are actually reading what I am sporadically writing.  Sometimes I am not sure why... and then I worry that I am disappointing......more
You are so cool. I totally just found out about this comment. I didn't know comment could be ...more

Online Scams....Please be Aware

First and foremost...I am not saying Ebay or Craigslistis the scam....I deal with them. I'm saying people thatare buying ar ewhat I want you to be aware of. I put anad to sell a laptop on Craigslist. Below, is her answer.It is a scam. I know for a fact, because the first timeI ever heard of this, was a real situation with a friendof mine. They sent him a check, asked him to take the item off of Craigslist and consider it sold....more
This is not, by far, the first time I have received this kind of letter. Anything "high price" ...more

Etsy or eBay?

Let's say you've been invited to a summer wedding and would like to buy a dress on the internet ...perhaps you don't have time to shop around in the mall or would like something with a different vibe. Etsy and eBay are terrific places to get a dress! What's the difference?...more

I love Etsy for handbags and jewelry. But I have never bought a dress. However, the first three ...more

Can Women Have It All?

A few weeks ago, I read a thought provoking Harvard Business Review blog by Sylvia Ann Hewlett of the Center for Work-Life Policy....more