The new yellow in Sierra Leone: Getting Ebola to Zero

A year on from the Ebola outbreak, a new campaign with journalists, students and teachers is injecting fresh energy into the drive to kick Ebola out of Sierra Leone. ...more

How to survive off the Grid for 2 Weeks

What with today’s technology being so integrated into everyone’s life, could YOU survive for two weeks “without anything”? Do you even have an emergency plan in place? Maybe you don’t ever have to worry about hurricanes and earthquakes where you live, but what if this Ebola thing really does get out of hand and you want to stay safe inside your house for weeks? What about a massive power outage?...more

Why I'm afraid of Ebola

 Photo by Ryan McGuire of Gratisography. Used with permission.On an airplane, I’m that person. The one who immediately upon boarding pulls out a Wet Wipe (or two) and disinfects all the hard surfaces I might touch during the flight....more


Should the U.S. have a quarantine for people recently returning from Ebola-invested nations?  President Obama says no, Governors Chris Christie (NJ) and Andrew Cuomo (NY) say yes.  Feelings on both sides of this issue are running hot, and I for one, don’t get it.  Who doesn’t want to be quarantined?First of all, if there was even a ghost of a chance that I might infect my family or friends with Ebola I would be happy to submit to quarantine.  Second, I just think quarantine sounds relaxing. ...more
Spot on!  We need to get a grip! (And while we're at it, learn to laugh at the absurdity of the ...more

Ebola in New York: Doctor Tests Positive for the Disease

Ebola has reached New York City. A 33-year-old doctor named Craig Spencer who treated patients in West Africa through the Doctors Without Borders program has tested positive for the disease in New York. Bellevue Hospital is kicking into its emergency plan, but this new case raises alarm. Whereas the average suburban dweller may come in close contact with dozens of people per day, the average city dweller who takes the subway, walks the crowded streets, and lives in a large apartment building comes into contact with many, many more. ...more
Here's a good info video from Dr Oz...who knows this guy too.  ...more

Women Mobilize to Halt the Spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone

Door-to-door volunteers and traditional chiefs are educating and gathering information in their communities on prevention and the impact of the Ebola virus on women. ...more
United Nation and rich countries know they should help poor countries even for ourselves helth.more

At the frontlines, Liberian women adopt new strategies in Ebola response

Cross-posted from UN Women Through radio programmes, psychosocial support and training women’s networks, UN Women is supporting efforts to address the gender dimension of the Ebola crisis in Liberia. ...more

Ebola (o-no-la!)

Apart from my INCREDIBLY witty title (so, SO bad), there is nothing funny about the currentEbola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in West Africa. For those not habitually tracking global public health crises, this is one to pay attention to. I don’t care how distracted you may have been by the hot-mess-bro/slut-shaming incident on the Bachelorette. Okay, I admit I don’t watch the show (At all. Ever.) But….dude, just NO. To quote Kid President, not cool Robert Frost. I digress....more

Update on Ebola Outbreak

Look! You can have your very own Ebola plush toy. ...more