Prominent Food Blogger Discovers Plagiarized Ebook

The constant war against content scrapers and plagiarism on the web has become a standard annoyance for food bloggers, whether they have large or small readerships. But this week, Elise Bauer of the popular food blog Simply Recipes (which is a member of the BlogHer Publishing Network) discovered a new twist on the phenomenon: an ebook "author" had stolen pasta recipes and photos from her site and repackaged them for sale via's Kindle Store....more
eek, that is crazy!! new to the blogging community and haven't really thought about these issues.more

You have a library card. Don't be afraid to use it : e-reader help from your library

Most public libraries in the U.S. offer electronic books to their members and can be downloaded remotely. ...more
I'd be lost without my library card.more

Showing Value: Sale versus Clearance

I'll be the first to admit it my to-be-read pile grows at an alarming rate when I see 99 cent eBook prices. My heart skips a beat, but my brain pauses. Wait, why is it 99 cents?I love red tags and clearance. My kids constantly moan when I say I'm not buying something because it's full price. I'll wait for an item to go on sale and will rarely buy something at regular price. Sometimes the waiting makes me appreciate it more....more

More Free Books

I've found another resource for free ebooks.  As if the 3000+ I already have on my Kindle and Nook weren't enough...I found a site that will give me lists for both on a daily basis!!FREE eBook Deal is a website that tracks free books for both the Kindle and the Nook.  At the current time, these are the only two formats available.  There are a number of ways to get these free books from this site....more

e book for tweens

How I Took Charge of My Life and Career

In February 2010, I was laid off from our local newspaper, my second layoff in two years. I decided it was time to take charge of my life and career and to stop being someone else’s employee, writing and publishing other people’s stories, and getting let go when the work ran out....more
This is absolutely encouraging. As someone who is flirting with the idea of ebooks, this is ...more

Going to the Zoo - Want to come too?

Going to the Zoo!  Want to come too?This is the title of my new preschool-age eBook. I just finished it and I'm feeling completely relaxed now that it's finished time for the next project!  Those of you with preschoolers, tell me what you think.  Feedback please!  Check it out on my blog here!...more

Free Ebooks for Writers and Bloggers

If you’re a regular at my blog Change The World With Words, you’ll have noticed something – I’m cheap. I love a freebie, and I love to share them....more

Glad to have been of help, Victoria :)

Karen Banes  (more

Book Blog Hop/Tour

If you haven't been on a Book Blog Hop or Tour, then you need to book your next ticket and hop on board! These tours are a great way for authors and readers alike to interact....more

What every Medical/Nursing Assistant should know about drugs used to treat PAIN!

For those of you who have considered a (new) career as a Medical/Nursing Assistant, I would ask you to consider the field of Pain Management. Why?...Because there are SO MANY opportunities in the field of Pain Management. Many doctors, from Neurologists to Psychiatrists to Chiropractors use Pain Management in their practice, so you MULTIPLY your chances of landing a job by focusing on this field. If you're looking for a leg-up on the competition, try this: Medical Bootcamp! Only the stuff you need to know: Pain Management ...more