Free Ebooks for Writers and Bloggers

If you’re a regular at my blog Change The World With Words, you’ll have noticed something – I’m cheap. I love a freebie, and I love to share them....more

Glad to have been of help, Victoria :)

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Book Blog Hop/Tour

If you haven't been on a Book Blog Hop or Tour, then you need to book your next ticket and hop on board! These tours are a great way for authors and readers alike to interact....more

What every Medical/Nursing Assistant should know about drugs used to treat PAIN!

For those of you who have considered a (new) career as a Medical/Nursing Assistant, I would ask you to consider the field of Pain Management. Why?...Because there are SO MANY opportunities in the field of Pain Management. Many doctors, from Neurologists to Psychiatrists to Chiropractors use Pain Management in their practice, so you MULTIPLY your chances of landing a job by focusing on this field. If you're looking for a leg-up on the competition, try this: Medical Bootcamp! Only the stuff you need to know: Pain Management ...more

2 New Book Reviews ...

Just posted 2 new book reviews at my weblog The Librarian's Review of Books, located at http://librariansreviewofbooks.blogspot.comRead my reviews of Jason Griffey's Gadgets and Gizmos and Bette James Laughrun's and Kathie Nelson's I Want What She's Got...more

2010 Tech Trends: Facebook, eBooks, and the Groupon

2010 was a fascinating and fast-paced year for tech. Some trends that have been around for a while reached the tipping point this year, and some new trends are emerging that will dominate 2011. ...more

have been showing up for the holidays. I think you're right - these will be a ...more

BREAKING NEWS!! HSN Kicks Off 99 Series Launch

Due to the demand and hype around the pioneering and revolutionary Book Series I have written for The 99 Series,  The Home Shopping Network is kicking off the launch September 3rd, before the World Launch date of September 27, 2010! This is great news for all of you who are excited to get reading!! There are a bunch of options, and you can do one, or all!...more

Enhanced eBook app: Books that talk while you read

 Imagine reading a book on your iPhone or IPad and hearing the book read to you at the same time. New enhanced eBook editions incorporate audio and video as well as text....more

Dead Tree Books VS EReaders

I keep seeing these blogs and such saying we should stop reading "dead tree books" and all buy ereaders, claiming that they're better for the environment and all that. Let me give you two reasons, people, that will not and cannot happen. #1: Migraine sufferers. ...more

I love me some dead-tree books!


Will Your School-Agers Still Need Book Covers in Five Years?

E-books, man. They're infiltrating schools. Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Conn., got rid of the 20,000 books in its school library, trading up to flatscreens, Kindles and computers only. And now that Google has paired with On Demand Books (the company that invented a book vending machine), schools could potentially serve up printed e-books in the public domain like cotton candy. ...more

I have a first generation Kindle on loan from a friend and I love it when I travel or want to ...more

For the Love of Audio

Cheeky Girl Loves Audio Books! I admit I devour books like candy, but never thought I would enjoy having someone else – anyone other than the voices in my head that is – bring the characters to life for me. With an hour or so car commute each way to work, I decided to give audio books a try and I discovered a prefect way to pass the time and get some "quality" time in with my feisty girlfriends and those hot leading men! ...more