So, you want to publish a book, really?

I'm deliberately challenging myself and everything I work for when I attempt to give advice about actually publishing a book. The thought of addressing this subject is so powerful that as I began to type, I broke into a fit of sneezing. Is it about truth? Or am I just allergic to the dust on my desk? Probably a little of both.  Okay, so publishing a book is on your horizon. Good for you. Really. It's a noble ambition and as long as someone has the urge, perhaps publishing will survive. ...more


I was  going to just do it and get the Kindle. Use a little tax refund money and splurge.  It seemed like a good idea considering I usually pay the $79 for Amazon Prime, so was thinking this would help me to realize financial benefits sooner.  WRONG!  The 3 books I would like to get right now?  Not offered on Kindle.  Hmph.  I would say that maybe my purchase of Kindle is officially and indefinitely on hold now.  Give me some bound pulp any day I say. ...more

EBook Readers Unite!

The argument rages on about the why publishers feel the need to use DRM in their eBook formats. Recently, there have been some excellent responses as to how DRM is harming the eBook industry and its growth potential. ...more

Read an eBook Week!

A witty post about Read an eBook Week, which appears to be part gimmick, part real. Click here to read about it, and love the snark on the banners. ...more

Why Ebooks Rule

There are so many reasons an author wants to be published. Some want the prestige of seeing their names on covers, sitting on a bookshop shelf. Others are egomaniacs, needing to share their expertise with the world. And some of us want to make money. ...more

Book View Cafe is looking for ebook reviewers

I'm a representative of This is a fairly new authors' collective that offers free fiction from writers such as Ursula K. Le Guin, Vonda N. McIntyre, Jennifer Stevenson and more. So far we've been offering mostly serialized novels of our out of print or experimental work, but we're about ready to start selling ebooks. We should have a few titles launching in March and I'm wondering if anybody out there would like some free pdfs of these offerings in exchange for a review in a blog post.   ...more

Kindle One of Oprah's Favorite Things

It's official. Oprah's favorite new gadget is Amazon's Kindle ebook reader. I've secretly been lusting after an ebook reader for awhile now, you know in that "if I had a money tree" kind of way. Let's be honest, at $359 the Kindle isn't cheap and even if I could buy a Kindle (it's still not available in Canada) like most people we're tightening our pocketbooks here. Will Oprah's Midas touch help the Kindle top bestseller lists this holiday season? ...more

i bought one for the wife and she is so mad at it --has had it for over a week and cannot get a ...more

Yarrrrrr There Be Pirates!

Avast me hearties! Do ye know that we be only 2 days from Talk Like a Pirate Day? What kind o' mate would I'se be if I didn't give ye's some swashbuckling tales? I'se will share some tales with ye's but ye'll ne'er get me buried booty! If that introduction makes you want to stick forks in your eyes you may want to skip Talk Like a Pirate Day. But if ye be game for it I'll point to some tales of booty and adventure. ...more

My four year old has been into pirates lately. We've been reading, Sloop John B.: A Pirate's ...more