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Touch Base With a Friend: Send an E-Card

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More of My E-Cards: Free

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Designing My Own E-Cards, Offering Them For Free

  I like to design my own e-cards and send them to friends.  I offer these to you for free.  Many of the cards I make are from my own photographs.  I grow my own flowers, too, plus I visit our local greenhouse and take my camera.  I go to Maine twice each year and take photographs while I'm there.  For instance, the card with the sail boat is made using a photograph I took while on a boat cruise out of Bar Harbor, Maine.   Here's a group of four cards I've made.  Help yourself if you like them.  ...more

The Truth About Charitable Gift Cards

In my post on green holiday gift giving last month, I mentioned donations to nonprofits. Giving directly to an organization that you know your giftee supports can be a great idea, but if you’re not sure in what way your recipient is philanthropically-inclined, charitable gift cards are a good alternative. The way they work is that you buy a gift card in the amount of your choice, and your giftee then visits the web site to enter the gift card number and choose which charity will get the money. But with several different gift card organizations to choose from, how do you decide which one to support? ...more
Interesting, piece you've written. I have never heard of this before. nicemore