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Turning In My Crunchy Card

So, you know how you're at work, and you're talking to a coworker, and they're all, "Yeah, I know I said I'd do that for you, but I'm just so busy!" and you're like, "I know, me too.  It's just that..." and they say, "No, I'm really BUSY!"  and you're thinking, "YEAH I KNOW MAN WE'RE ALL BUSY, WE'RE AT WORK," because apparently this bitch thinks she's some sort of special kind of busy that you can't possibly understand?Yeah.  Get ready for a whole lot of that in this post....more
This totally cracked me up! Don't shoot, but I do successfully cloth diaper (have with 2 kids ...more

Teenage Boys Are Not Eco-Friendly

The title of this post says it all really. I can be as eco-friendly as I want. My son is not. This is a juxtaposition, ja?...more

Oh yeah. Mac 'n' Cheese is a perpetual favourite. At least he'll eat it with the peas mixed in ...more

The economic downturn challenge

I am married to someone who is loving the economic downturn. Not for the reasons you might think. He was green before it was hip to be green. He was frugal before there was recession chic. But now, he is almost gloating because he thinks all the doom and gloom will change *my* consumer behavior. And, you know what? It is. ...more

Buying your way to green.

I refuse to say I'm green anymore. I feel that the environmental movement has just become about buying stuff. To me the destruction of the environment is based in consumerism and I at times feel that the green movement isn't looking at that. ...more

I think because many of the bigger blogs are owned by marketing companies and people who are ...more

Movie Recommendation: Hoot - an adventure in urban ecology & conservation

I watched the movie Hoot the other day. I loved it, as I suspected I would. ...more

Rechargable Batteries

A few weeks ago, I spent about an hour trying to find out where to recycle regular AA alkaline batteries that come out of my son's toys. Basically, I found that regular alkaline batteries are considered household waste and you should throw them in the trash. So I started thinking about rechargeable batteries. I've never bought them before because batteries are so confusing and you just don't know what to do when you're in the battery aisle at the store! (And I thought they'd be expensive.) ...more

Catching Kids Doing the Right Thing for the Environment

What with the Earth Day and the organic food and the hormone-free milk and the biodegradable condoms (okay, maybe I made that one up), I’ve been thinking about how kids remind us to be our best people. Especially when they catch us not practicing what we preach when it comes to the environment. ...more

The look on the teen boy's face, love it - pure teen boy.
The vigorous toothbrushing!
The ...more

BlogHers ACT Canada's April Challenge: Teaching Kids to Go Green!

April's Challenge has been introduced over at BlogHers ACT Canada. This month, we are teaching our kids to go green! What better message to impress upon kids in the month we celebrate Earth Day? This first week of April, we're focusing on discovering great books for teaching kids about the environment. ...more

All or Nothing? A Recycling Obsession

I am developing an "All or Nothing" attitude with regards to living more naturally and respecting my environment and our planet. My journey began with converting from disposable diapers to cloth diapers in order to reduce the massive amount of waste I would produce by diapering twins. One thing quickly led to another and our we decided that if we're going to save thousands of diapers from the landfills then surely we should be recycling as well. ...more

Hi. Recycling is good, but I don't believe it's the final answer. Reducing our consumption is ...more