April Earthy Style Picks!

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Affordable Eco-Fashion Brands

Tired of searching the Internet for the most affordable, stylish, and truly eco-conscious fashion brands, I decided to create an updated list of my favorites. I wrote a while back about some of my favorite green clothing brands and how to save on them, but there are new great resources popping up all the time! Here is a great place to bookmark as I will be updating it as I learn of anything new!...more
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Wardrobe Interrogation

I’ve spent the last 3 days interrogating my wardrobe.  “You.  Who are you?  Do you have ties to sweatshops?  Do you have any dead animals among your siblings?  No? To which part?  You say all of it.  Okay you can stay.” “What about you?  What?  You’re not sure?  No idea who made you.  Seriously?  Okay I find that hard to believe but you’re not cute enough for me to invest more than the 10 minutes I’ve already spent on your background check.  You can stay, but you have to understand things have changed.”...more

How to Shop for Eco-Friendly Clothes - Part 1: Read the Label

If we want our apparel to be "eco," most of us start by buying vintage or second-hand, swapping with friends or family, or dragging out the sewing machine to pul...more

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How to get a stylish new wardrobe for free with a clothes swap

Keeping up with the latest fashions can be an expensive business. Most people buy clothes and then get bored of them or decide that they never even liked them in the first place. If you are constantly wanting new clothes and feel the need to update, your wardrobe, but don't have enough money, there is a way to get yourself a whole new wardrobe for free. Not only is it ideal for those on a budget but it is also incredibly eco-friendly, so you can feel really virtuous. ...more