Green cleaning products: Say good-bye to dirt, not your family's health!

Spring is nearly here, and women are blogging and tweeting their fingers off about cleaning.  Spring Cleaning!  Now, I don't know about you, but Spring has never reminded me of anything but the blessed end of winter.  Cleaning is something I do when my husband is too busy to get to it first.  But after a winter of flu that wouldn't quit and a flea season that stretched on and on, I decided it was time to give our apartment a thorough scrubbing. ...more

The house is starting to lose its shine.  Good thing Natural Home Cleaning Professionals is ...more

Green Cleaning

Before your guests arrive at your next party, one would assume there will be a fair amount of cleaning to do beforehand. If you're like me, you are cleaning up to the very minute the guests arrive, most times. ...more

Going Green: The Green Glove

My mother is coming to visit. I love my mom. I love her abundant ideas for how I can improve my home, my job, my life. I love them so much that I’ve spent the last few days re-evaluating everything, stressing out and improving as much as I can, in advance, so I can be ah…flawless.   ...more