It's Easy to Be Green! Making Green Choices for Your Next Vacation

"Take only memories, leave only footprints."- Chief SeattleIf making “green” choices is a priority, you can go green with your greenbacks and with your choices. In addition to destinations that appeal to the eco- and agri-tourist, today you can support those companies that are environmentally conscious....more

The Thin Edge of the Tourism Wedge

It's fashionable to whine about how the place that once was super cool and undiscovered is now discovered and you are wrecking it for everyone, already, by walking all over it. I've noticed - since our return from Southeast Asia- a weekly diatribe against the horrors of tourism. Typically it's written by some holier than thou traveler who laments how a place isn't exactly like it was 20 years ago when he or she got to see that place in its unspoiled state. Maybe the poverty was prettier then, or the locals less jaded, and there were no crowds at the temples. ...more

Until I read this, I hadn't thought about how utterly colonial the idea of lamenting how ...more