Websites to Help You "Go Green"

This month I've happened upon a number of websites that can help your business or your home become more environmentally friendly. With the popularity of "being green" at what seems like an all time high, it's a great time to make some of these small changes that can make a big difference for the environment. RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES ...more

Right Now Less Cow

The CO2-busting website has laid out its latest challenge for eco-gamers entitled Right Now Less Cow. Those that choose to accept the new mission are being asked to give up meat for at least two days this week. The site estimates the two-day meat moratorium will, on average, reduce a participant's carbon footprint by 13.2 lbs. ...more

Suggestion: it would be easier to follow your challenges if either the home page had an RSS feed ...more

You’re Invited To Join Our Carbon Rally Team

Carbon Rally is the Weight Watchers of the CO2 dieters world, the proverbial 12 Step program for CA (Carbon Anonymous). We all know how to reduce our carbon footprint, but sometimes a little group motivation can help when it comes to actually cutting down. ...more

Some of My Favorite Blogs for Women

Oprah Fan Blog (Mine!) Daytime Television Shop Blog (Eco Chic) Female Sex Drive Blog (Like Viagra for Women) Sk*rt (How I found THIS site!) Sexy Golf Clothing (The Tracey Lynn Line!) ...more


In my blog I talk about sustainable living, eco-friendly products, green fashion, sustainable investments etc. ...more

Environmental Friendly Pets

1. Clean up after them ...more

Garment Care - The Environmental Choice

Beware of Dry Cleaning. Though the industry is much-improved since 1992, there is still a high likelihood that your trusty corner cleaner uses tetrachloroethylene, a known carcinogen. See if there is a local green cleaner employing “wet cleaning” or liquid CO2 techniques. Many articles whose tags ask for the dry clean treatment can actually be hand washed, especially silk, wool and linen. READ MORE ...more

Evironmental Clothes Shopping

• Think about where your clothes come from. Clothing made under fair-wage and labour practices will usually advertise it. • Wear organic. Though cotton is marketed as clean, fresh, and natural, conventional varieties are anything but. It takes a third of a pound of chemical fertilizers and pesticides READ MORE... ...more

Ever since I started blogging for hip & zen I've gotten ...more