Save the Superman Building - NO

Save the Superman Building - YES

Putting Tiger Parenting in Context of the Immigrant Experience

What drives a parent to force her kids to practice piano or study for hours on end? For many immigrants, it's not so much blind ambition to climb the social ladder... but to merely gain a foothold in a new country. This spring, I've been reading a lot of Asian American literature: Lac Su's I Love Yous Are for White People, Jean Kwok's Girl in Translation, and Erin khue Ninh's Ingratitude. I have to admit, there are some common themes -- the pressure and tangible rewards of academic success, the fraught parent-child relationships....more

Thanksgiving Recipes and Gratitude Lists

by Billie BrownThis week, many or most Americans will sit down to a traditional or not-so-traditional meal of turkey – alternatively, on both ends of the spectrum, turducken or tofurkey – and many other holiday dishes, as a way of giving thanks for the blessings of daily life....more

Why we DO Need a New Regulatory Agency

by Elizabeth Warren At WVFC, we’ve often highlighted the work of Elizabeth Warren, chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel (who’s a Harvard Law professor, teaching contract law, bankruptcy and commercial law, in her copious free time).Via our friends at the financial watchdog ...more

Economy Worries, Hard Realities

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen I am worried. This is not an unusual state for me, as friends and colleagues will agree. Often, my worries can be assuaged by thoughtful preparation or action. The worries of these days have left me in a state of paralysis. ...more

Jon Stewart Educates Wall Street

WVFC's Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen discusses these clips. by Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more

Small Business Grassroots’ Stimulus Plan---How You Can Join Today

Small business owners are working to do something about the economy with a new grassroots’ effort.  Make a Referral Week is an entrepreneurial approach to stimulating the small business economy one referred business at a time. The week is planned for March 9th-13th, 2009. ...more

What Should the Stimulus Look Like?

As Washington's power women (from Olympia Snowe to Claire McCaskill to Maxine Waters) work to sort out the Obama Administration's stimulus package, WVFC continues its Mistresses of the Universe conversation (click here for parts one and two)with a dialogue about women and our financial future. ...more