Economic Meltdown

Seriously, this last 2-and-a-half years has been hell for our family.  How we've made it this far without losing our home is nothing short of God-intervention.  But, today, I felt I needed to share with all you dear readers and friends the reasons why my posts have been sparingly.  My state-of-mind.  That really is it.  My state-of-mind has been in a meltdown of sorts, and not just recently either....more

Thank you for sharing and helping us all in the process. I will keep you in my ...more

The Norwegian Experiment

Not surprisingly there was considerable backlash against Norway’s 2003 law mandating that women make up 40 percent of corporate boards (see April 19 blog “Addressing Corporate Fraud: Norway’s 40% Solution”). The most common objection was that there were insufficient qualified women in Norway. In fact one male executive complained that boards would have to recruit “escorts” to meet the quota....more

Hard Lessons from the Soviet Union

The collapse of the 71 year old Soviet empire in 1989 stemmed mainly from the collapse of the Soviet economy, due to an unwinnable war in Afghanistan and a blown out military budget. The parallels with current US economic and geopolitical problems are obvious. Other similarities include the fact that the citizens of the US have lost any ability to influence their own government, as well as being stripped of basic civil liberties they are supposedly guaranteed under the Constitution....more

Who's More Worried About the Economy -- Barack Obama or You?

Up until the last couple of days, I was sure that the economy and its sad, sad shape occupied the top spot on Barack Obama's worry list as President-elect. That pesky Illinois Governor seems to have knocked Obama off-message and off-stride, but I'm hoping he'll get his attention back to where it needs to be for the millions who voted for him -- and for the ones who didn't vote for him, as well. ...more

Three Things Small Business Owners Should NOT Do When The Economy Tanks

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably biting your nails and taking to your bed and pulling the covers up over your head.  Now that the economy is officially in crisis, a lot of people are telling you what to do.  In the midst of all that advice, allow me to suggest three actions to avoid:Don’t cut expenses at the cost of product quality, customer service or marketing ...more

Ten Things I Won't Cut from My Family Budget

Name at least three items you will never cut from your family budget. I'm trying to do that, but my guilt reflex makes me ask, "How can I name what not to cut from a family budget when there are people who have less than I do who must slash items such as treatment for a special needs child?" Many Americans no longer have choices about what to cut and what to keep. ...more

I love this post because you share about what you refuse to cut in terms of what the money ...more

What do Black Monday, the Economic Crisis, the Divine Name, Giving, and Receiving Have in Common?

What do Black Monday, the current economic crisis, the Divine Name, giving, and receiving have in common? ...more

I'm Up, I'm Down. Where are You?

No, I'm not talking about the big 5-0 this week. ...more

I hope that doesn't sound like denial. But I honestly don't ...more