The Economics of Crop Herbicides

Every day, we can see consumers, politicians and advocacy groups taking to social media to vocalize their opposition towards the use of chemicals in and on their food. Setting aside the fact that it is literally impossible to have chemical-free food because food itself is made of chemicals, much of this fervent opposition is rooted misunderstanding and incomplete information. ...more

The Pudding

I know that my family isn’t the only one to have used the expression “the proof is in the pudding” as a way of saying “you’ll know best what’s good to do when you do it and it turns out good”. Aspy that I am, I embraced that idea wholeheartedly … perhaps even letting it get to third base.  Proof. Proof delights me....more

Does Getting Married Still Make Dollars and Sense?

In honor of National Unmarried and Single Americans Week, I’m going to put on my economist hat and ask:Is there an economic rationale for government incentives to get married? ...more

Tis The Season For Fiscal Responsibility

On Nov. 6, Americans made one of the most important decisions they are tasked with in our great country and chose President Barack Obama to serve another term, in addition to other candidates down-ballot. Now that the campaign is over, those leaders are faced with an extraordinarily important decision themselves: what to do about the looming fiscal cliff....more
Yes. It might happen after the fact, but there will be an agreement. A lot of leverage shifted ...more

Tooth Extortionist

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmFred was reading the news on his iPad the other night when he came across this little gem in USA Today.And I learned that apparently the TF round these parts is a cheap skate.For, according to the article,"Kids found an average $3 per tooth under their pillows this year, up 15% from last year..." and "...some received as much as $20 per tooth". WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?...more

"Forever" Dies Hard

I didn't want to sell my engagement ring -- more out of obstinate pride than any sentimental reason. When my husband and I got a divorce, I did the tasteful thing and offered to return the ring to him. He told me to keep it. Leaving a cushy executive job made sense if one was going to be a wife. But surely I didn't think this silly notion of supporting myself as a writer was going to work out? "Keep it," he said. "You'll probably need to pawn it before the year's out." ...more
I have to say, I've always preferred the aquamarine stone - but then again, all value is ...more

Survival of the Youngest

Early this week, when a four month old infant died in his sleep at a local daycare center, I cried.  I cried for the infant, for the family, and yes, for the woman who owned the business for 14 years without incident. Her photo was front and center on the first page of the paper. It showed her bent over on the ground, hands over her eyes, as another woman tried to console her....more

Ads Targeting Monkeys: Sex Sells!

So, two ad execs walk into a bar, order drinks and meet a primatologist. "Hey," one says, "How do we make effective ads to market Jell-O to monkeys?" It's one of those rare jokes that includes its own punchline. Admittedly, I added the saloon setting but the rest is all true, proving once again that sciency news bits are often ripe for comedic picking, as The Colbert Report can attest....more

The whole thing is giving me nightmares - not so much about giant billboards filled with ...more

Why are profits evil?

Earlier this winter, I was walking through the movie theater at Potomac Yard on my way to church in Alexandria, Va. I happened to glance up and noticed the movie poster for the re-make of Arthur. Can you guess what bothered me?...more