Talking to the White House About the Impact of the Recession on Women

On this past Thursday, the White House hosted a small conference call for online media with senior administration officials to discuss the impact of the recession on women and how the Administration's agenda is affecting women. ...more

Absolutely there are. I'm sorry I didn't make sure to get that in - I have to say, they way ...more

Read Obama's Lips: Workplace Flex Not a Women's Issue

A few things really struck me at the first ever White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility. The first is that President Obama said “Workplace flexibility isn’t just a women’s issue.” Even if no public policy results from today’s session, the culture change that comes when people like Obama say things like that is big. ...more

not all jobs can be flexable sometimes you just need to be there like nursing but getting sick ...more

I Needed A Sealtbelt For Maria Shriver's Women's Conference

On October 26th and 27th (Hilary Clinton’s Birthday) Maria Shriver’s Sixth Annual Women’s Conference (which sold out in a record-breaking two days!) took place at The Long Beach Convention Center.  In a nutshell – and according to their website – “The mission of The Women’s Conference is to inspire, empower and educate women to be Architects of Change in their own lives and in the lives of others.”The theme this year: Be Who YOU Are – An Architect of Change And Pass It On....more

Working Women With Disabilities

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month. Let's look at blogs out there by women about disability and work! Patricia E. Bauer hits right on target as usual: President urges employers to welcome workers with disabilities. I'm all for that. Here's a quote from President Obama's Proclamation: ...more
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Digging the Dirt: Is Growing Your Own Economical?

Is growing your own vegetables economical? With many families starting new victory gardens this year, the question is timely. Michael Tortorello analyzed the costs/value of his new garden this year and his conclusion: based only on a cost/savings analysis, growing your own is anything but a money-saving hobby.  ...more

I don't have a backyard yet, but I received an indoor gardening contraption for ...more

Obama's Visit to Ghana Sparks Celebrations, Unanswered Questions

At the end of a week-long tour that included meetings with Russian leaders, attending the G8 Summit and an audience with Pope Benedict, Pres. Barack Obama generated both excitement and sharp questions with an overnight stop in Ghana and a speech to that country's Parliament. While the speech did not attract the attention of his so-called speech to the Muslim world earlier this year, the importance of US policy toward Africa is difficult to overstate. ...more

Why I'm Against Cap-and-Trade

I've followed the Waxman - Markey legislation, infamously known as cap-and-trade, for some time now, being that I've a factory-employed step-father, farmers in my family, a small business-owning husband, and, like all of us, I pay energy bills, the prices of which seem to increase annually. ...more

socialist canuck!I just believe that the alternatives have to be in place before you start ...more

Ben Stine...Obama was talking about the money not the meeting!

Did you watch Ben Stine on the Sunday Morning Show (CBS) this today? Stine took exception to Presidents Obama outrage over business junkets for $400,000.  His take was that Obama essentially killed the travel industry by making $400,000 seem like over indulgence. It seems that business people took his admonition to heart and simply canceled all their meeting!  Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Good heavens people, ...more

White House, Critics Wage Battle for Control of the Health Care Debate

Any political or business strategist knows that half the task in winning a contentious policy debate is controlling the terms of that debate. Since health care reform is arguably the most contentious domestic policy debate confronting Pres. Barack Obama, it's not surprising that the White House tried to make the most of yesterday's pledge by health care industry leaders to cut health care spending growth by 1.5% annually over the next ten years. ...more

Any group that chooses Rick Scott to be their spokesperson in any capacity relating to health ...more

Too Many Horses

Sure, Bald Eagles look sharp on currency but if there is one true symbol of American grit and spirit, it is the horse. And, come to think of it, when is the last time you bonded with an eagle? Americans love our horses so much that we now face a terrible reality: We have too many - way more than we can handle, and the wounded economy has raised the issue from troubling to urgent. ...more