Of socialism, racism, and honest discussion

When you say “socialism,” several things come to mind. The first are the most famous socialists of them all, Germany’s National Socialist party of yore, the goose-stepping Nazis who carved a deep wound into the fleshy world psyche. The second is Mussolini. I also think of the current Spanish government. Then I think of my cruel first grade teacher who once caught me with a bag of candy corn that I brought to school as a lunch snack (that I paid for with my own money). She made me distribute it evenly to every kid in my class “to be fair.” ...more

Hi imperfect parent,

Sorry about the delay in getting this posted. I put all the information ...more

October 26 You Are Invited to Beyond Hockey Moms and Palin Politics with Laura Flanders

I will be speaking at this event.  Should be a lot of fun.  ...more

Looking for input on the economy for radio show

Hey there .. we're on the local radio station this Wednesday and they've asked us to talk about the state of the economy.  It is a streaming show and we'd love to pick a few comments to talk about on the air (and of course if we choose your comment, we'll give your blog a shout out".  So take a minute to check it out and let us know your thoughts be sure to give us your blog name in the link too. Here's the post:  http://www.wheresmydamnanswer.com/WP02/?p=844   ...more

Update on the Subprime Poetry Crisis

At the launch of the 2008 Best American Poetry anthology, Charles Bernstein announced an unprecedented ...more

The Political Psychology of Drugs

The Political Psychology of Drugs Psychiatrists and psychologists are a lot like children.  They exult upon discovering the obvious, gleefully assume that nobody else ever knew it before, construct entire worldviews based upon their unique insights, then happily inflict them on the rest of us.  Most of the time, you just want to smile, pat them on the head and croon, "That's nice, dear."  But every so often-like children telling truths and asking question the grownups don't want to consider-it's wise to listen. ...more

The Political Psychology of Debt

The Political Psychology of Debt This essay was inspired by the master colorist Lisa Souza and the great beauty of her handspun yarns. America is becoming a vast, open-air debtors' prison and the walls are going up all around us.  Unless the process is reversed, this metaphorical prison will soon enclose nearly all of us...and become as real as the bricks and stones of debtors' prisons of centuries past. ...more

Who Do I Trust on the Economy?

Why, the economists of course. Read these two articles, back to back and tell me what you think. http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/09/16/campaign.wrap/index.html http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/09/15/dilbert.economy/index.html I think that I'd still never vote for Palin (the re-incarnate of Dick Cheney) for anything, but I also wish we had more major political parties. ...more

Loved it and was completely amused by the survey. All of the men in academia (I'm betting most ...more

Sharing family money woes with your kids?

Should I share my family's money problems with our children? ...more

I think we should share with kids appropriately.  Their age, stage, ability to understand is ...more

Teaching kids about money: toss Monopoly, tune into Project Runway, log on to MMORPGs

When my kids were young, they loved to play Monopoly. Whenever they'd visit their grandparents, the 1950s version of the board game came out of the closet. They'd be entertained for hours (much to my pleasure). My mom and dad loved to play the game and my kids learned some good lessons about how to win and lose. As for teaching them about money, the economy, the marketplace, it gave them all the wrong ideas. I will concede that Monopoly can teach kids some of the mechanics of money like how to count or how property is treated as an asset. But as an economic idea, it's time is long gone. ...more

I think you make some very solid points in this entry especially that the rules are changing ...more

Blog the Recession

Every time I come up with some brilliant personal finance solution, i do a little fist pump for being so freaking brilliant. I mean, checking my bank account balance online? Everyday? Brilliant. Quick! Someone test my IQ. I think I'm the perfect candidate for Mensa. ...more

We all face challenges when it comes to stretching our dollars to cover our daily expenses for ...more