Wherein I rant, and use a lot of italics

by Jennifer Harvey   As hard times go, this current economic downturn isn’t my first rodeo. When I single girl living on my own, there was a time when I had to decide between buying cat food or taking my clothes to the laundromat (the cat won, of course, and some careful hand-washing got me through to my next paycheck). Other times, I couldn’t pay my rent on time, and there was even a night or two spent reading by candlelight because the power was turned off. ...more

Show Her the Money

That Warren Buffett's bio is called The Snowball inadvertently has application also to the gathering speed of women's intention to share the nation's economic pie. We already know that the economy's downturn disproportionately affects women. But a number of ...more

As the Light Goes Out in the West