The Trouble With Eczema

I've started off writing this post so many times. I was having such a hard time writing this post because it was so painful watching Odette scratch her skin till it bleed. If you know anyone with eczema you know how difficult it can be to deal with and treat. Most medical professionals have no real idea what causes eczema but a lot of new research has shown that allergies can be the main aggravator of eczema. In fact roughly 15 million people are affected by food allergies in the United States alone!...more

Infant Eczema: 3 Ways to Help Ease Discomfort

Image Credit: Shine On Mom Within a couple of weeks of our littlest guy being born, his skin broke out in eczema combined with an atrocious case of cradle cap. The poor guy was a mess. It was a long road of doctors visits and specialist referrals before I got on a program that really helped him out....more
Thanks Natalie, I'm glad you find it helpful! I was in the same boat as you and everyone felt ...more

The Living Hell of Baby Eczema

There’s a part of Alfie’s history that used to carry a degree of guilt for me; something I had almost forgotten I had felt right until I came across this article. ...more

The Eczema Enigma

I'm a natural mom. We usually eat right, we rarely get sick, and we generally have little to no health issues. Imagine my dismay when we found out my 8-month old son had eczema, a problem in which I had no prior natural health insight. When the doctor said Eros would need hydro-cortisone cream and Zyrtec, I literally felt sick inside. To me, this meant I'd be destroying some parts of his body to help others....more

Can Skin Creams Prevent Eczema in Children?

When my son was a baby his face would develop red irritated cheeks, and his arms and leg would show signs of eczema. I had tried everything from using special laundry detergent to eliminating foods from my diet to decrease any possible exposures in the breast milk.  We had seen the pediatrician who said that it looked like a "contact dermatitis" and that something was obviously irritating his skin.  She recommended a mild...more