Can You Prevent Your Child's Eating Disorder?

According to Dr. Bermudez, roughly 2/3 of patients with eating disorders at the time they are diagnosed are also diagnosed with psychiatric comobility (they are also diagnosed with another mental illness at the same time). Mood disorders are the most common (depression and anxiety). He's quick to point out that mood disorders are also more common across the board in terms of mental illness, than say, schizophrenia, so it does make sense -- but to me the important part is what comes next. ...more

Will correct the typo now! This is what you get for doing phone interviews in this day and age. ...more

Being Open and Willing

I have been working hard to remain open to recovery. I realized I was becoming less adverse to certain items/options in my meal plan and LESS open to changing negative beliefs about myself. I am realizing that I have held onto my core belief that I am bad, unworthy and undeserving and everything I embark upon or try for in life, I will ALWAYS fall short due to my defective nature. So why try? I see now (mind you, I do NOT feel this!) that this keeps me stuck, but it also protects me from disappointment....more

The Changing Seasons: Types of Schools Available to American Children

Fall is in the Air There was a brisk feeling in the air on Sunday. We spent the whole day outside working and playing in the yard....more