Remembering the Writer in Me: Depressed Edition

Creative Commons Image courtesy of 365:115 on FlickrWhen I'm depressed, I often do (some of) my best work....more

Spirit of Writing Week 6: Edit and Revise...Now and Forever

This weekend, especially with a long holiday coming up and the end of National Novel Writing Month, respect your accomplishments but commit yourself to EDITING in December. So, by the start of the new year, you will have a project (or two, or three) ready to go...End 2014 writing, not planning to write again in 2015. The Spirit of Writing: 12 Weeks of Practice.......more

Ending Blog Posts with a Little Something

Perhaps you have noticed the little photo strips down the bottom of each blog post lately. I have used Flickr and Blogger since 2005!  That was also the year I purchased a Sony Cybershot DSC-H1 camera.  The Sony stopped working March 2010 which is when a Canon Powershot SX120 IS took it's place out of necessity. ...more

Editing - Cutting the Fat

Editing – Cutting the FatI just spent an hour with a friend of mine who is writing a brochure for a seminar. I am struck anew by the power in editing.Here are a few basic principles about editing that will serve you well – whether you are creating promo materials or working on your script....more

Resisting the Urge to Edit

I have once again found myself struggling with the desire to clean up my blog, so to speak. Every so often, an old post will pop up in the footer of a current post (which, admittedly, is intentional a la the "You might also like:" widget), and I'm reminded of perspectives and words spewed in the past. Sometimes I read those older posts and revisit memories or details I'd forgotten, thankful that I documented such snippets for safe keeping....more


Today is Day #1 of the December NaBloPoMo--National Blog Posting Month. ...more

Skills To Complement Your Writing

All the best writers I know are lifelong learners, thirsty for knowledge and constantly updating their writing skills. They’re also constantly expanding and consolidating their skill sets: adding new skills that are related to, and complementary to, their writing. Here are a few skills that writers need in their daily tasks, and can often use to expand their business and find new freelance opportunities.Today I'm blogging about the skill set we need to develop to succeed as writers, including editing, marketing, self publishing, SEO and even photography....more

Proof Reading, and why it's important

Today at Change The World With Words I have a great guest post on proof reading by Greg Walker. Greg reminds us of the importance of proof reading - and makes us all feel better about ourselves by pointing our a few proof reading errors that are probably even worse than some of the ones we’ve made ourselves. Read the full post here. ...more

The Agent Challenge

Got a manuscript or proposal? Take the challenge and find yourself a literary agent. ...more