Should You Self-Edit?

In a word, "Yes!"That's not to say that you won't need a professional (or at least semi-pro) editor at some point in the writing process. But in order to get your manuscript – anything from a blog post to a novel – ready for a wider audience, you need to give it a good edit.Proofreading. Of course you're giving your manuscript a good proofreading. Aren't you? Proofing is the stage when you catch errors of spelling, punctuation, typos, and some simple grammar flaws (such as subject-verb agreement). Anything more complicated than that is copy editing....more

Are You a Blogger Who Really Wants to Be an Editor?

While not all of us have aspirations to be editors, I hear from lots of bloggers who are looking to get paid for editing in some way, shape or form. I've put together some suggestions of various ways you can get editing experience and recognition before you land your dream job as an editor. ...more
Great suggestions! I've thought of a couple of them -- but there are new ideas here I did not ...more

3 Massive Mistakes Wanna-Be Authors Make

 I believe everybody has at least one book in them. Why? Well, everybody has at least one life. And as far as I can see, ALL people are interesting....more

The Professionally edited version of The first twenty four hours.

I sent this post to TImothy Pike, freelance copy editor.  Many of you have commented on this post when it was posted previously.  I believe Timothy tweeked it to be even better.  If you have some work you want edited, you need to get in touch with Timothy Pike.   I went back and forth between them all night long. ...more