Editors + Twitter = ?

Originally Published On Beyond Your BlogAs a someone who was a remedial Twitter user for some time, I’ve come around a bit and now see its value for certain things. It can be a good place to get information about publications I am interested in, and I follow quite a few editors for everything from submission calls/updates to writing inspiration, and more.Rules of Etiquette...more

14 Ways To Piss Off An Editor When Submitting Your Writing

Originally Published On Beyond Your Blog ...more

Real dads edit parenting magazines

The New York Times covers the entrance of Nick Friedman into the parenting magazine frays: Though 85 percent of Scholastic Parent & Child readers are women, they will now be getting advice on parenting from a man: Scholastic named Nick Friedman the first male editor of the magazine last month. In the magazine world, gender roles still hold strong: men tend to edit magazines read by men, and women those for women. ...more

If I read correctly what you're writing, you like including people who are impacted and I ...more

Fixing ePublishing's Image

  Over the past year there have been several ePubs that have gone under, been in the news and/or behaved badly or wonderfully depending on one’s POV. In considering some of the brouhahas, I’ve formed the opinion that a number of these ePublishers have been their own worst enemy. Problem is they drag not only themselves through the mud, but the rest of us as well. The MisGuided   ...more

Hollywood's Amazing Women Of Film And TV

As part of BlogHer's focus on Women's History Month, this post is about amazing women in the history of film and television: women who inspired in front of the camera and women who crashed the Hollywood old boy network behind it. When I sat down and thought about the women I might want to write about, I was overwhelmed with names. Like my fellow Contributing Editor Maria Niles and her post on Women Who Rocked American History, I felt the only way to do the subject justice was with a list. The list I came up with was as long as my arm. By the time I'd whittled that down to something manageable, I'd immersed myself in the remarkable careers of a group of twenty-seven talented and pioneering women. They're listed alphabetically and in two categories, movies and television. ...more

I knew about Bette Davis and the Hollywood Canteen, but I didn't know about her going on tour ...more

To Pay Or Not To Pay - That's The Question

This might wind up being a topic that will prompt a heated reaction, I’m not sure. Maybe I should post this when I’m clear headed, but I can’t think of anything else to post, and so I’ll take my chances. *grin* With the current economy taking hits worse than Rocky Balboa, new writers need to seriously consider ways to improve their chances of selling to New York. I think this might hold true for writers already sold to New York as well. Simply getting one’s foot in the door doesn’t always mean you can crack the door wide open. We all know how hard it is to scale the mountain. ...more