Homework Hydra Striles Again

So once again the homework battle has reared its ugly head and is threatening to engulf the entire family like the hydra that never dies. I really don’t know what it is about homework that upsets Highschoolboy so much. It’s not like he doesn’t understand that he is supposed to do his work. That work does come before play and that play is part of life not life itself....more

Back to Normal in a House Full of Aspies

This blog is a continuations of our adventures in the snowicane of 2010. For part I   http://asd2mom.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!BF70F135A8FDB728!497.entry ...more

Compromise at Central Falls High

The plan to fire all teachers and staff at Central Falls High in Rhode Island is off, it appears.  The day after President Obama backed the firings, the union blinked, proposing a reform plan similar to what the superintendent wanted in the first place. A compromise is in the works....more

Shattered Education Dreams for Military Spouses

Last year the US Department of Defense launched a program called called the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account or MyCAA.  It offered military spouses $6,000 towards their graduate and post-graduate education.  This was a wonderful, unexpected blessing for the many women who have had to sacrifice their careers because of frequent deployments and moves.  Needless to say, the program was immensely popular, over 136,000 women applied and around 98,000 were enrolled by February 2010.  Many women made life altering choices, like quitting jobs, once this funding was ...more

From Hell to Help

Almost on a daily basis we read in the paper or hear on the television about a child with autism who has been abused or even killed when restraints have been applied. Then in the alternative you read or hear about an autistic child who fights back from being restrained (would you allow someone to sit on you or hold you down or put you in a straight jacket willingly, so why should any autistic child?) and has been arrested by the local police....more

Sales: Planning Your Success

Sales arguably are the most important function of any business, but despite years of research it continues to remain an enigma. There is no denying the fact that no one knows a foolproof formula that can make a sales team deliver 10/10 results. However, this doesn’t mean that a sales plan’s success is based on pure chance. A successful sales person in fact tries his best to leave very little to chance by making sure that they bring down the probability of failure to a minimum....more

When Violence Strikes a University

It's almost unheard of for a woman to go into a workplace or a school and shoot people.  Profiles of workplace shooters do not even involve the idea that a woman would kill her co-workers, but it happens....more

DSM Conundrum:Time to Get a Grip

I have decided to put my two-cents in on an issue that has arisen in the autism community. Now you know that I generally do not talk about controversial issues. I did discuss healthcare, and have mentioned the holocaust on occasion, once in reaction to some anti-Semitic tweets I received on twitter. But in general I stay clear of vaccine, biomed, alternative treatments (like hyperbaric), DAN, Jenny McCarthy or anything that is considered a hot topic....more

The Big Bang, Organization and Executive Functioning

One of the rooms I hate to enter is collegeman’s office. Well technically it is the home office, but he usurped it during high school and never returned it. There is a desk in there for hubby, but collegeman generally takes over both the computer/desk and his father’s desk during the semester....more

The Carrollton Texas Montessori School

Q: How is the Carrollton Texas Montessori school different from public school and daycare?...more