Rewrite Your Job Description

What’s your job description? Not your title or that document outlining your daily tasks and requirements, but how do YOU describe the essence, attitude and outcome of your efforts “at work”? For me, it’s not really about ‘work’, ‘labor’, ‘duties’ or ‘tasks’. It’s more about embracing what I am called to do, realizing what I can’t and can do, and advancing those actions and that mindset in each and every encounter....more

Five Tips for Scheduling Classes this Semester

In just a few days, my student SIS system will allow me to start registering for classes for the fall semester. I'm extremely excited about this but also intimidated. ...more

Military Spouses: Options for Paying for School

As military spouses, we wear many hats and we change them by the minute. We often put ourselves last and that means we often go years without thinking about our goals. Balancing military family life and education is hard, but it isn’t impossible. Once you make the commitment, the next hurdle is the financial one. Can your family afford for you to go to college? Will you need to leave your job?...more

Are they inspired to be better than us?

When I entered high school (I went to an all-girls school), the least useful subject was Guidance (it’s now called Life Orientation). It was supposed to guide us in things not related to academics.Imagine my surprise when the 1st lesson of Grade 8 was the screening of a grainy black and white movie of a woman giving birth. There was no introduction or preamble or anything approximating sex education.What message do you think was being given to us by the department of education in all its wisdom?...more

Making The Grade?

Sally has homework about 3 times a week.  She tends to struggle with it.  She also does poorly on her assessments and has to make test corrections.  At the end of the grading period, Sally brings home her report card and has a shining B average.  Her parents are so proud of her for bringing up her grade.  But Sally stands in amazement because she doesn't understand how her grade improved.  She still does not understand the concepts they are learning in class.  So what's wrong with this situation?...more

Does the University You Attend Impact Your Career?

As humans we are comfortable with the familiar. We like big brands and name drop with pride (consciously and subconsciously)....more

Everything I Need To Know I Probably Didn't Learn In Third Grade

The other day, my nine-year-old daughter, Grace, sent an email to my husband and I, as well as to her grandparents. Since she is just nine, those are the ONLY people with whom she is allowed to have email contact. Still, she is so enamored with having her own account that we are often treated to her random thoughts for the sake of her being able to send a message. This was one of the most recent:...more

My Letter to the government about Dyslexia

I wrote letters today to several US education politicians and my states congressman. I want to place it here as well to help with thousands of parents in our nation dealing with this same issue.-----------------------------------------I am a mother of a 7 year old boy who has Dyslexia. We live in a rural area of North Carolina. I am writing today to be one of the voices of thousands of parents across our nation, who feels lost and forgotten over the lack of acknowledgment and understanding for our Dyslexic children....more