Now that you are A graduate

You are a graduate, and this calls for celebration. In few months, you are going to need a job. Do you not need a well-paid employment? Yes, you need that million Dollar per month job to help recover the money spent in the university. You all swallow this concept whole as students that a well-paid employment is required. Yes, it is. Good that you have a good grade, and I am happy you are the best product in your department. ...more

4 Benefits Of Earning Your MBA Online

Many people have the desire to improve their skills and advance their education throughout their lifetime. Professionals typically get the itch to go after another degree in their post-college or mid-career.After you become interested in the designation, the only question left is where to complete the education. See four benefits of earning your MBA online that’ll have you reconsidering attending classes in a traditional classroom.1. Cost Savings...more

Why More Women Are Drawn to Online Learning Programs

For many women returning to education later in life and enrolling in on-campus classes isn’t an option. With all of the commitments that come with adulthood, such as working full time and looking after a young family, many women – especially moms – give up on their academic dreams due to a simple lack of time....more

How a First Grade Exercise Turned Into a Lesson in Institutional Racism

It was supposed to teach kids the value of money. Instead it taught my son another hard lesson....more

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Reading The Classics

I have known plenty of people who feel that reading fiction novels, including the Classics, is a fruitless endeavor that will accomplish nothing. They feel that you cannot learn anything new from reading a work of fiction, so why should you bother? They feel that the only books worth reading are non-fiction and/or reference books.Our relationship is about 15 years strong...more

Food For Thought: Race & Inclusion on Campus

 Yesterday on NPR's The Forum on the Road with Michael Krasny, the topic of discussion was, "Race Relations on College Campuses." Serving on the panel for this much needed conversation were:...more

Pursue Growth and Learning

I remember a cartoon posted on the wall of one of my high school classrooms many moons ago....more

Is this critical thinking?

This blog post, titled “Thinking critically on critical thinking: why scientists’ skills need to spread” by Rachel Grieves, is a prime example of the misuse of the concept of critical thinking in education....more


*Note- this post was written in May 2014. :) ...more