Stop Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week -- Unless You're Going to Do Something Else

Back when I was teaching in Canada (Linguistics courses at the University of Toronto), there was no Teacher Appreciation Week. I’m not even sure there was a Teacher Appreciation Day. And I find myself wondering if there should be one anywhere.Don't get me wrong. I know from experience that teachers work hard. I know that they are vital to the continuing success of our society and even of our planet. In my opinion, education, and therefore teachers, are key to just about everything.So why don't I think we should have Teacher Appreciation Week? Because I don't think society is truly appreciating teachers the way that we should....more
very interesting points. i agree. i think during TAW they should give teachers the FREEDOM to ...more

Cookies and Dough

I'm almost done delivering girl scout cookies. Thank God. I've decided that I hate Girl Scout Cookies. For a few reasons. 1. Samoas are clearly made by the devil - whoever that is - for the soul purpose of undermining my will, stability and perpetually "almost where I want it" body. They are irresistible little deathbombs laughably shaped like Liferings (proving that irony is a fickle bitch.) ...more

Interesting post, but, I don't think we see eye to eye on this one. Sounds like your niece's ...more