Random thoughts on my love of books and reading

I’ve been reading all kinds of books as far as I can remember in my life.I always carry a book anywhere I go. Whether it's to eat out, an appointment with the doctor and yes, even to the bathroom. I don't mind about the book's weight even if it's heavier than a hair brush or a bottle of cologne....more

Read Baby Read: Encouraging Teen Mothers to Get Involved in Literacy

According to the CDC, in 2011 there were 329,797 births to women ages 15-19! That's a lot of babies being born to women whose main concerns should be homework and prom not diapers and the cost of childcare. Raising a child at such a young age usually menas not having the resources to provide for every need of a developing baby. One way that young mothers can support child development is through literacy. Reading to your children encourages speech and language development. It also allows a bond to grow between you and your baby as they hear your voice and spend time close to you....more

Libraries Continue to be a Presence in Our Communities

The power of the written word still rules as an important part of our lifes. There is so much to learn about the world of literacy so instead of posting every single article I find onto my FB page, I have collected my favorites from this week and turned those into a blog post....more