School Party - Who is it really for?

Call me crazy! I love my child and I have vivid memories of my mom being at school parties when I was a kid, but she was the room mom.Is it just the school we go to or are all schools the same these days. The children are only allowed two parties a year, so they have writing celebrations and poetry celebrations and other titles so they can have events....more

The Realities of Serving as a Teacher Today

To become a teacher today takes tremendous devotion, a love of teaching, and resilience.  Having taught both high school and college for many years, I must say that teaching can be an incredibly rewarding profession. There is truly nothing as satisfying as that ah-ha moment one sees when a student finally gets it....more

The Lost Virtues: Self-Motivation

By: Wendy Castellanos-Wolf...more

The Lost Virtues: Manners

By: Wendy Castellanos-Wolf...more

A Book To Teach your Kids To Program- Giveaway!

We have been using Scratch here for about four months. It has turned out to be a firm favourite with my three younger boys, thanks in part to the great book Super Scratch Programming Adventure!: Learn to Program By Making Cool Games, and thanks to the wonderful programmers over at MIT Media Lab....more

Colorado Teachers Defy Administration by Teaching

In January, two figures sneaked into the book room of a Colorado public school after unlocking the door with a key from the ring the principal had given one of them for access to a supply closet.“We both wanted to get into the book room, but did not feel comfortable asking for permission because we felt we would be questioned and watched,” Melissa* says....more

Wind Energy Study for an LA School

The beginnings of a wind farm in Los Angeles? Is it possible? As someone who has worked in the wind industry since the 90’s, I have seen the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful with regards to proponents and opponents of wind energy. And sometimes, very rarely, an opportunity appears where the best of what wind power has to offer can be realized in ways that can educate, inspire and directly benefit a community in need....more

Why Kids Should Feel Safe At School (Even If We're Still Afraid)

I thought I was done thinking about Sandy Hook for a while....more

Innovations in The Cloud For Teachers

By now, almost everyone has heard of the cloud. While we all know that the cloud will revolutionize how we use computers, the exact details can be a bit confusing. When thinking about the cloud, it is best considered as a paradigm; information is stored online in this paradigm, and information is sent through browsers and other networked interfaces. The cloud has already revolutionized business, and it is coming to the medical field big way. In education, however, the cloud has yet to make a major splash....more

The Bar

Standards keep going up.That's what the newspapers say.That's what employment offices say.But that's not what the results show.Teaching.That's what I'm talking about but I have no doubt you could apply this to many other fields.Every teacher now has to be certified with a masters degree,and now it's recommended they be duel certified.So how come tests results aren't improving?...more
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