The Faceless Reflections of Bullying

"The Faceless Reflections of Bullying" shows how a person who has been bullied feels, sometimes to the point of wanting to end their life because of it. The book begins by showing the anger, the sadness, the depression and the never ending pain, before transitioning into feelings and thoughts of overcoming the horrible experience. Positive feelings, self-empowerment and self-confidence to live and defeat the bully are highly suggested as the solution to putting a stop to being bullied. No more continuing to feel defeated or feeling like giving up on life altogether....more

The Victim's Plead

                       Deadly stares. Mocking voices. Disgusted faces. Endless pranks. It's the same scene over and over again. Just because I'm different, I was treated like a useless object-sans rights, sans emotions, sans everything. I am one of those who were harassed by judgemental people. I am a victim of bullying....more

Heartbroken Over Pennsylvania School Stabbings: How Are We Failing Our Kids?

I'm heartbroken. It seems that yet again, a kid -- a sixteen year old -- felt such desperation, pain and rage that he saw his only option was to act out in a violent and permanent way.  In his wake, his classmates are fighting for their lives, terrorized and forever altered by their experience.On Wednesday, a sophomore from outside of Pittsburgh, stabbed multiple fellow students....more
Our kids (and ourselves) are by technically 'safe' ANYWHERE. You can live life in fear of these ...more

The Adults Should Know Better: How Teachers Enable Bullying in Our Schools

**I've edited a few words below, realizing that a sentence or two gave the mistaken impression that I was shaming all teachers or that I believe that our schools bear singular responsibility for the bullying that is so rampant in our schools. Please know I write this as a former public school teacher, parent, and currently-emplyed private tutor and student advocate. I think educators are undervalued and overworked. But I also think we need to be real about where our schools can improve. ...more
Yes, school should be a safe place for all children to learn and play. Yes, all staff should ...more

What You Can Do If Your Kid Is Being Bullied

 What You Can Do If Your Kid Is Being BulliedBy Ann Morgan James | How to Raise a Millionaire