Is homeschooling the answer to bullying?

“I am not pro or con homeschooling. I am only pro or con MY kids being home schooled. It is not a route we will take.” Tamara Bowman from

Transition - Kindergarten: "I'm Going to Meet the Captain of Kindergarten & We're Going to Play"

Times of academic transition pose a particular challenge for kids and parents. Moving from one developmental period of educational time to another requires families to tackle new requirements. These milestone moments are excellent points for reflection.The following is by mom and her twins as they prepare for Kindergarten....more

Is an eye for an eye the solution?

Yesterday we became part of a death penalty discussion as we waited during a medical appointment. It all began when one of the patients began talking about how a young doctor had been shot to death after being crashed by another car.For Pete’s sake you can’t even have a car accident any more! Was one of my thoughts....more

Daycare Director Deserves a "Time Out"

 So, yesterday’s daycare pick-up was basically a disaster. ...more
That daycare director sounds terrible! I don't blame you for pulling your daughter out of there.more

Our Education Options: Public vs Private

Schooling Options and Choices In Chicago, this is a tricky subject. If you've read any of my blogs in the past you know that the schooling options in the city are varied and that it takes a good deal of time not only figuring it out but also navigating your way through the school options maze....more

Fiscal Outlooks

I Am Done with My Child's School

Have you ever had to deal with one of those teachers? The kind of teacher who always gives you “that look.” The look like you are a horrible parent because they feel like you do not do enough for your child? I have, and I am done with it. I have come to the decision that I am checking out. I know it is not the responsible parent thing to do; however, I am just frustrated and burnt out. Now, do not get me wrong. I am not saying I do not care about my children. I care about my children more than anything, which is why I have made this decision....more
Hi there. I see that this is now an old post and I truly hope that things are improving for you. ...more

Top 5 Things Teachers Want You To Know

This was the first fall in 18 years that I did not go back to the classroom. Even though I miss my students, their families and my co-workers, I am enjoying my new life as a blogger.As an ex-teacher, I now have the freedom to share some back to school tips with you that you will not find in your school handbook....more

Looking Toward the Workforce of the Future

While many of us were in getaway mode this past Labor Day weekend and enjoying some much needed downtime with family and friends, we would do well now to think about the workforce of the future. This country’s most valuable asset is the next generation of leaders and workers equipped with the skills and knowledge to keep America competitive; they’re at risk of forfeiting lucrative jobs unless we make huge investments in education. ...more

Can we fix the obesity epidemic?

While hunger is a huge issue, the irony is that obesity is at epidemic levels not only in the U.S. but also worldwide. The statistics are sobering and the health and economic costs of this epidemic are huge, as this PBS cheat-sheet reveals. In an update to their 2003 preventive healthcare recommendations, the U.S....more