20 Useful Android Apps to Make Your Children Smarter

Children are the hope of a nation and they should be well-educated. For this task, parents are looking for better ways or tools like the following useful android apps to educate kids to learn smarter. Check educational apps for kids (ios version) here....more

Agnitus Educational Games App Review

I was able to get my hands on the full version of Agnitus by winning a giveaway and wanted to share my experience with the app and subscription service.  I was not compensated in any way to provide my review and information about this app.  Agnitus is a fun and educational app that helps your child (age 2 to 7) with preschool and Kindergarten fundamentals.  Okay, I know there's tons of tech these days, but this isn't a fluff app that simply keeps your kiddo quiet....more

Digital Trustfunds

I recently confessed on my blog that my husband and I are extremely irresponsible with money. He was not at all pleased that I outed him to the world because, as he stated, it is inconsistent with his branding. He likes to give the impression that we have it all together. Since the name of my blog is "I Am A Mess," I'm pretty sure my inability to save a dollar is consistent with my branding, so I've decided to hide out over here on BlogHer, where I know he won't find me....more