Discover Your Flow and Go with It

The entire course of our life follows a cyclical pattern of good and bad, up and down, more then less. Everything flows this way, years, months, weeks, days, hours. High energy, then low energy, creativity, then boredom, tremendous focus, then distractibility.The key is in understanding how to use these shifts to our advantage. We can channel these fluctuations, if we understand how they affect our moods, actions, and productivity. It can be a valuable tool lower stress and improve the quality of our lives....more

Minding Your Business

Oh the glory of creating beautiful works of art.No matter the media, the satisfaction of putting one's heart into a creation can't be matched. Soon, art becomes a passion and creation an everyday occurance. So what steps does one take to turn this passion into a profitable business?Morna has the answer! You'll see!...more
 @SabrinaBlogs Oh! Sabrina! You and me both. Who wants to push accounting paper when we can push ...more

Take a Closer Look at Time

 In 2012, there will still be 168 hours in a week and 24 of them each day – this will not change. The only thing that can change is how you use this time. The New Year is a good time to reflect on how you use your time, and what your priorities are. If your priorities are not being met or accomplished, you are misusing your time....more

6 Ways to Best Use Time

How do you make time for writing or blogging when life gets in the way? Time is not friendly, but it's fair. You get 24 hours a day whether you need them or not. Problem is, most of us need those hours plus more. Like it or not, we do have to fit in some food and sleep along the way... and some time and attention for kids, husbands, families, housework, jobs, etc.I love organization and finished projects, but sometimes the best I can do is plan. It's called time management for a reason. You get a set amount of time, all you can do is manage it. You can't create more....more
I took the idea from all of those years of using timers for "timeouts"... while the kids were in ...more

I'm Always Running Out of Time!!

Do you always feel as if there are just not enough hours in the day? Or maybe you're always wondering why you're unable to get your projects done on time? Well on my radio show, I shared with you some tips on how you can save time! Here are the highlights below!...more


You were going to lose ten pounds. Spend at least 45 minutes on the treadmill. Eat 3 healthy meals a day, packed with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables? Sound familiar? Three months have passed, and your New Year’s resolutions are calling to you. Why not take the time right now to evaluate how you’re doing. Did you make a little progress? None at all? Can you even remember your resolutions? ...more

Why Evernote Captivates My Heart!

Thanks Denise! Do you prefer to use the desktop app or go through the browser when you're ...more

Look The Monster In The Eye

Procrastination got you down?  Got a project deadline, a potentially unpleasant situation brewing?...more

Time Management

How to Improve Your Time Management SkillsTime and life are constantly racing against each other. And unless we learn to fix the race by “managing” time, we’d better get used to life losing!...more