Find Your Rhythm

Being self-employed is a distance run, not a sprint.  It doesn’t “end”.  Therefore the habits you put into place at the start of your business need to be sustainable.  Some might say achieving balance is impossible, and they are right. But, not in the way you think they are… I believe balance is an elusive and unattainable goal.  More stress is created in people today because of their quest to achieve balance than in simply creating a rhythm to life that works for you regardless of whether that meets some nebulous balance criteria. ...more
Would be interested to have an update on your quest for finding your rhythm and invite you to ...more

Is Multi-Tasking Making You Stupid?

Let me respond to email while sending a tweet as I'm on the cell phone drinking my coffee. Sound familiar? When was the last time you did only one thing at a time? If you laugh at the notion, perhaps you need to pay attention because all this multi-tasking and e-mailing might be making you stupid and costing you time, money, and peace of mind. ...more
LOVE this, especially considering the post I wrote this afternoon on something similar.  I have ...more

Ready to Grow? Here's How. . . .

Four Steps To Increase Your Positive Sense of Self : 1.  Let go of judgment. 2.  Hold a strong thought/visualize a clear image of what you are aiming to become.  3.  Reflect on what is important to you about you that gives you a real sense of  joy and connection. 4.  Choose experiences that enhance your well being and positive thinking. Expansive thoughts launch the brain into higher activation and increased perception.  Through meditation the brain also becomes more coherent.  ...more

Freelancers - Avoid Being Consumed by Work

So many sit in their day jobs and wish they could freelance so they could have more freedom, more free time, and control over their lives. Then once they strike out on their own they find themselves working 24/7 and tethered to every digital gadget imaginable and the dream of work life balance and freedom go out the window in the pursuit of gigs and income. ...more

Great points. You may do what you love and work more than a 40 hour week.  Balance is ...more