Bad Moms Don't Always Turn into Good Grandmas

I never felt safe in my parents' home. As a child, I would instead seek shelter outside during stormy weather. I thought of this as Lilly woke crying from her nap the other day when it started thundering, and she said it was skummelt (scary). Later on as I was making dinner, I asked her how she liked our vacation in Norway from where we just returned, having stayed with my parents who still live there. Again she replied; skummelt. ...more
I couldn't have found a more identical story to what I'm going through. Thank you! I'm trying to ...more

Why Do We Read?

I learned to read when I was two or three. There are family stories about this: That I taught myself to read. That when I was two - and a tiny child for two, at that - my mother brought me to the post office and I freaked everyone out by pointing at the door and reading, “Exit.” That by three, I was reading sentences (and after that there was no stopping me). I don’t think I taught myself to read exactly. I don’t know what happened; apparently I just sucked it in through my pores. I’ve met a lot of other people who had the same experience. ...more

There's No Such Thing As Laziness

I’ve wanted for a while to start writing about a different abuse-related myth every Monday. Because they start with the same letter, of course! And there are so many different common, harmful ideas that come from abuse. Like laziness. ...more

Olivia Joules and the Really Great List

I finally read Bridget Jones’ Diary, and launched from there into a campaign to read everything Helen Fielding has ever written. I thought the Bridget Jones books were hilariously funny; they made me laugh on almost every page. But I especially enjoyed a more recent book of hers, “Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination.” ...more

For Worse

Today's For Better Or For Worse strip is funny because it's so far removed from reality. It's not unusual for small children to draw all over the furniture. And it's not unusual for abused children to freak out when they mess up or break something because they know their parent's response will be so scary. What isn't going to happen is that a child who is old enough to analyze the situation and predict that his mother will freak out will go ahead and draw all over the couch and then get upset about it. ...more

An Equal and Opposite Reaction

I used to be confused about sexual abuse. I knew that it was really horrible to be an abuse survivor - not that I was one, no, of course not - but I didn't understand exactly why. I understood why rapes and beatings would be traumatic, and all the shame associated with being molested, but not why an infant would be traumatized by a simple touch. ...more