Similac recall: new FDA data on beetle-infested formula, other recalls too

A few days ago I received a plain white envelope in the mail from Abbott, the infant formula manufacturer. Inside was a form letter, telling me that the company was voluntarily recalling some of its cans of Similac powdered formula because they may contain beetle parts. The news was jarring; while I had just started my six-month-old son on solids, I wasn’t planning on including beetle bits on the menu....more

Egg recall and the high cost of low-cost foods

Finding a deal on a pantry staple at the grocery is a great feeling. Until you realize that the low cost of some foods comes with a very high price--our safety. Critics of the centralized food production system note the current practices allow for lower prices for the consumer, but the voluntary recall by large corporations means they are also overseeing their own safety measures. ...more

What You Need to Know About the Egg Recall

A growing number of people nationwide are getting salmonella from the recent outbreak linked to the tainted eggs from Wright County Egg in Iowa. This is not a regional outbreak -- the number of eggs recalled is 380 million and growing.   ...more

Thanks for your comments, Jenna. We all need to work together to stay informed on this topic ...more