Egypt starting to build up farms out of the Sahara Desert due to urban sprawl  Showing human adaption, Egypt is starting to build up farms in the Sahara desert due to the urban sprawl of their cities which are encroaching on their existing farmlands. ...more

More to Explore - Luxor

Luxor is a small part of Egypt, but due to its unparalleled beauty, it attracts millions of travelers to serve them its treasure to discover during their vacation. Take your family on a marvelous tour.Luxor was once the oldest capital of Egypt and today it is called as the world's biggest museum. From the burial place of Tutankhamen in the region of the Kings and the heart-touching sunset sights at the impressive temple areas of Luxor and Karnak to the superb and entertaining Nile Tours, Luxor is the perfect place for vacation....more

A Memorable First Encounter With a Camel

Hola hola! I hope you’re all having a good week! I’m just strategizing how to get three days worth of juice cleanse supplies into a college sized refrigerator (#NYCProblems), and getting pumped for the cleanse this weekend!If you want to join, it’s definitely not too late. You can email me at for more info. All are welcome!...more

Egypt's Newest Music Style: Mahragan

 There is a new underground music style quickly gaining popularity in Egypt, especially around the suburbs of Cairo....more

She gets a kick out of helping people

Every time she heard someone saying that she should be doing something else, Caroline Amasis Maher’s determination grew and she trained even harder. She ignored the naysayers and the cultural barriers by not only playing a male-dominated sport but also excelling in it. Recently she became the first Arab-African female to be inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame – the highest and most prestigious award in the sport. This meteoric rise to the top makes her extremely proud. In 2011, Caroline was ranked 11th on the World Taekwondo Federation’s World Athlete Ranking. ...more

From bike rides to pink ribbons, Egyptian anti-violence campaigns create ripples across the country

In Egypt, where up to 94 per cent of women report having been sexually harassed, students across 28 universities have devised clever anti-sexual harassment campaigns. ...more

Women’s cooperatives changing lives and lands in Upper Egypt

A cattle-raising cooperative in Luxor has secured decent jobs and working conditions where 26 women earn an income and are the primary decision-makers on land and the division of labour. ...more

My Response to "How Can We Live?"

This morning, I read a post over on Grow Mama Grow. When I read this question: "How can I laugh when a bereaved mother in Cairo is crying? " I felt compelled to comment. Below is my response. ...more

The Parade of Nations and a falafel recipe.

Yesterday was the annual Local Colors Festival in my hometown. It's an annual festival that celebrates the diversity of the nationalities living here in the Roanoke Valley, of which there are over ninety. This spring festival boasts a parade of nations and a series of performances that last all day long. There are also a multitude of vendors selling wares and food that are representative of their countries. ...more

When the Days Close In

I had been in Egypt for over a year when the rogue movement to sling acid into the faces of non-covered women began. It was right around the time that Bush was declaring war on Iraq. It was a dangerous combination and we were ordered to stay inside our houses. The world had gone mad....more