Women's Day and Africa/Middle East

Until my second year in college, I did not know International Women's Day existed. But one day in March, as I walked the main thoroughfare across campus, a stranger with a bunch of flowers handed me a blossom with an informational tag and said, "Happy Women's Day." I was intrigued. I returned to my apartment after class, did some internet research, and discovered a holiday dedicated to advancing the political, economic, and social rights of women--a holiday so unlike the American Mother's Day, a day of expensive brunches, flowers, and cards....more

Egypt is Open for Business: Our Bags are Packed

I called my parents to let them know that we were moving forward with our trip to Egypt and Jordan.  It’s for two weeks in mid-March.  My mom wasn’t happy.  I had anticipated that.  Then she asked: ...more

That trip is an amazing example and I appreciate you sharing it. I was joking with the husband ...more

Mubarak Resigns: The Egyptian People Have Spoken

On Friday, February 11, against all odds and most predictions, the unthinkable happened: after more than two weeks of peaceful protests, the Egyptian people forced the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, the country's president for over 30 years (though as one tweep, @imPalestine, put it, “He did not step down, he was stepped upon”). ...more

I found the peaceful power of the Egyptians inspiring, and the humor that has found its way in ...more

Egypt and freedom

I have always been captivated by the fight for human rights around the world, but as the wife of an Egyptian--with in-laws and friends in the country--the recent demonstrations in Egypt and resulting ouster of Hosni Mubarak became intensely personal. I broke down in tears when government thugs attacked peaceful protesters and when my sister-in-law said she had heard gunshots outside her apartment. I prayed each night for the safety of my brother-in-law who stood guard with other neighbors outside their apartment complex, trying to prevent any intruders from entering....more

Did You Talk With Your Kids About Egypt?

Please check out my blog at http://raisingamazingdaughters.wordpress.com...more

Courageous Journalism Allows Us to Get the Real News from Egypt

Imagine that one day you're watching CNN and a breaking news story comes on saying that Diane Sawyer, anchor of ABC's World News with Diane Sawyer, has suddenly quit.  In an interview, Sawyer says the reason she quit was because ABC was demanding, via the White House, that she read a story at the beginning of every newscast that says citizens are rioting in the streets of New York and the National Guard must be called in to restore order. The problem is the streets of New York are quiet. ...more

Egypt: Tweets From the Ground as Unrest Escalates, U.S. Shifts Policy

Egyptians demanding the dismantling of the regime of President Hosni Mubarak continued their tireless efforts throughout Egypt today, capping an entire week of protests. Demonstrations, which have up till now been remarkably peaceful, turned ugly yesterday when protesters and journalists were attacked. I've been keeping up to date with the latest developments on the ground via Twitter -- and it was announced tonight that the U.S. is working on a scenario for Mubarak's immediate departure....more

Front Row Seats When Internet Doomsday Hits Egypt

Most of us would have no idea Egypt had pulled the plug on the Internet unless it was splashed all over the news. However one company called iovation knew right away. Basically “just like that” the up to 1000 fraud checks they receive every hour out of Egypt dropped to zero. At first glance one would think there was some type of meltdown or maybe Egyptian scammers all of a sudden decided to get a job....more

(VIDEO) What Happened? Where Should America Stand on the Israel/Turkey Gaza Blockade Clash?

The United States has a political and ethical stake with both countries. And both countries are pressuring the United States to take sides. Turkey wants us to condemn Israel and to support an independent third party UN group to examine what happened. Israel says that there is an anti-Israeli bias in the UN and it can and will do its own investigation. ...more

I pray also that we make right decisions -- DJ more